The Kit Plan
(Social Media Only)

IG feed post (1 month)
Two blasts on social media (1 month)
Sponsorship ads occur on IG stories and Twitter (Fleets)

The Den Plan

An entry that lives forever on
No social media blasts

The Fox Plan

One entry on insidejamarifox(1 month)
IG feed post (1 month)
Four IG or Twitter (Fleets) blasts OR IG Reel (provide content for reel)

The Vixen Plan

*Limited time discounted plan exclusively for vixens and trans-vixens
Promotion of cis-gendered or trans products/events/content
20% off of plans listed above

*Email for pricing
No refunds
Please note that all requests will be responsible for the creation and provision in a timely fashion
All advertising content needs to be provided in no less than a week
All sponsorship requests subject to review