Font Shit; Get Hit (Yusaf Mack)

well yusaf mack is back on the attack! literally. ya know, online hyenas are funny. they will font keystrokes of of shit, but when you see them in public, there is nothing to be said. crickets. tumbleweeds. casper. there was a hyena who has been harassing yusaf online. i guess he thought because yusaf is … Continue reading “Font Shit; Get Hit (Yusaf Mack)”

Yusaf Mack Made You Proud

yusaf mack has turned a bad situation around! remember yusaf? oh he has a wholllleeeee situation within the foxhole. ( x dig deep ) well he decided to get his life together, work on all his issues, and be an inspiration to all the dls out there. oh wait… i was dreaming. nah it’s better … Continue reading “Yusaf Mack Made You Proud”

Yusaf Mack Is Ready To Date Something We Didn’t See Cummin’

well yusaf mack had another interview. i know. “again?”. well yes again! i need the fuckery overload. anyway, this time he sat down with hip hollywood. he talked about who was his inspiration to come out, what his oldest daughter thinks of him now, and who he is looking to date in the future. check … Continue reading “Yusaf Mack Is Ready To Date Something We Didn’t See Cummin’”

Yusaf Mack Wants You To Sit At His VIP Table Tonight

well yusaf mack is out and proud! i guess it took no time for him to get comfortable. i mean after years of being in the closet, the next option is the turn up of the century! one of the vix-bi sent me this for your social calendar tonight…