Rise of The Foxtails: Wolf Edition (2)

So we have another entry for the “Rise of the Foxtails“…
This time it is from a loyal Wolf who comments regularly.
Since all the Wolves wanted to be chicken,
he stepped up to the plate!

Here goes…

Not as big as our last Foxy entry.

As a Wolf, you don’t really need a big tail…
(even tho it would be nice)
I say start with 100 lunges and squats every night.
That should get it toned and a give it a little shape.
If all else fails, cornbread/lunges/squats combo!


Any other tips Wolves?

How do those Wolves in those foXXX’s I posted get a round ass,
even though they are not getting fucked?
Justin Slayer and J Strokes are perfect examples.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Rise of The Foxtails: Wolf Edition (2)”

  1. I never thought I ould luv another str8 porn stars ass like I luvd ye of ol cocked eye J Slayer…Then came pumper…I gave my heart to that big booty midget for many years…That is until I saw J Strokes. Awwww J Strokes. I still luv Brian dearly…And although queens call Strokes fat (rolls eyes) that ass is a thing of perfection…Okay so now what was the question? This guy is a top? Right? Yea I’d suggest toning up. All around you look a bit out of shape. Not that that matters, but if ur looking for critique or advise…The stairstepper at the gym tones my lower body like no other. I start off on 5 resistance then work my way up. Intense. My ass looks amazing. Then of course squats are great. No gym membership? Find a good flight of stairs and have at it for about 30mins every couple days. Your thighs, lower back and even buns show that ur not very active. Go for it! Good luck

  2. I give you props for posting your pic. Im not going to critique because shea said enough. Id like to see some more of you wolves out there. Dont be scared!

  3. To piggy back of Shea yes Brian pumper and j slayer do have a amazing set of cakes. But Brian gets his eaten and pounded on the regular Ive seen the flicks to prove it and slayer is a homophobe. And everyone is sleeping on Rico strong cakes his are pretty impressive aswell lol. I go to the gym faithfully and yes the stairmaster does tone up the glutes. I squat 225 every day I do weights and hamstring curls, stif leg deadlifts, and hang clean press All of those are lower body workouts. Ofcourse a good pounding does help every now and then lol

    1. 225 squats a day? I’m going to need you to submit a pic of your cakes for a thorough examination.


      1. Not 225 squats a day that’s the weight I use when I do squats lol. I usually do 15- 20

    2. Wow. I’m not much of a work out person, but I thought me doing 100 a day was a lot. This fox salutes you (I might need to up my number a bit lol).

      I’m actually not into butts at all, and since the butt is on a wolf, I’m not sure what to say. I guess it has potential if it wants some use lol.

      1. I once saw a white guy at the gym who had what could best be described as “epic ass.” Seriously, it could put some brothas to shame. I asked him what he did to get an ass like that. he said he did 400 squats a week. I guess squats do work!! lol

  4. JSlay and Pumper both have some hot cakes. But Rico Strong and Nat Turnher are not to be slept on either. Impressive. What’s Interesting is that all four men are gym rats, but Strong and Turnher’s cakes seem to have a natural genetic quality while JSlay amd Pumper’s look like squat city. All are impressive, though. Who knows? Maybe smashing is da key! (Rumors abound about Rico and Pumper!) Lol

  5. omg007 :Not 225 squats a day that’s the weight I use when I do squats lol. I usually do 15- 20

    We still would like you to submit a pic for examination, please & thanks. 😉


  6. I love Justin Slayer’s cakes! J Strokes looks best when he’s in shape – he gets flabby & the cakes sag…and Brian Pumper has the cakes most likely to be piped down by a wolf

  7. Yes I did forget Rico. I guess there’s several of them honestly. There’s this one guy who used to rock the curly top. Real thick porn dude from the 90ls. Starred in several of the all that ass serries.. He was that one with ass.lol. I also like that one freaky dude. There’s a couple diff names attached to his work. Blatino. Seems bi curious. Works with kidd jamaica alot. They both seem very curious. It’s that mystery surrounding them that makes those 2 sexy. I would never make accusations. As many times as I’ve seen pumper getting his salad tossed, as long as it’s a female, he aint gay! Or bi, or downlow. I’d luv for him to be, for that means I have a shot at spreading those cheeks, but until there’s proof otherwise, they’re all str8. I will say this about pumper-hes def a pioneer of sorts. Blk men weren’t gettin their ass licked on film like the white boyz. Thanx to people like pumper not being afraid to bring it like sum of these white folx do in porn (they are no holds bar) there’s no taboos no nothing. Although I dnt enjoy all white porn, they does the damn thing. So yea pumper was spreading those cheeks first. Now I’ve seen them all do it. Never seen anyone toot it up before it got ate like Brian tho.lol It’s sometimes sexier not knowing what some of these guys do in their personal life.

    Never heard of J Slayer being a homophobe. To be honest with you they all could be. Mr. Marcus blocked me on twitter. I retweeted a pic that he posted and said sexy. That’s it. One word. He didn’t like it. Fuck um…

    Anyway I woke up this morning and worked my lower body which is what made me think of and brought me back to this post. I did leg curls (front n back) and leg presses (for the thighs) then I put the machine in a locked position so that I could do leg raises for the calves. All this took about 90 mins when you add the 20 I spent on the treadmill. I tell you this (you being the guy whose picture this blog entry is about) to say don’t just focus on ur glutes. You have to strengthen and build all those muscles down there or you’ll end up with injurys.

  8. I met Marcus on a flight a few years ago. He was on his way to a shoot. Flying Southwest. Lol I said hello and we talked the whole flight. he even gave me his number and we’ve spoken a few times. Nice guy, but definitely a head case.

    I befriended FlashBrown and NatTurhner on Twitter; Nat is cool and real as hell. FlashBrown is all kinds of ignorant. I blocked him but he still follows me. Lol

    Shea, how many times has Brian Pumper gotten his ass licked? I saw him do it once (Nat was giving him shit about it on Twitter), but I didnt see him do it anymore times. I need to find dat footage. And we must give props to Sean Michaels. He had his own porn series dedicated to asslicking (I think it was called “Asslickers”). Julian St. Jox and Mark Anthony got their holes eaten and that made it more mainstream, at least in black flicks.

      1. You know when you try to respond to someone and you get a msg telling you that you can’t send that persona a msg.

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