rewinD: No, Cum In My Face


one of my favorites.

if anyone has any of her vids,
upload it on zshare and send me the link.


Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “rewinD: No, Cum In My Face”

  1. So is she a self-made porn star? I’m trying to understand her angle. Is this the same girl who had with Tyson Kobie on cam?

  2. it was me who broke the news of that tyson kobie/ladyque drama!
    *waves foxxx flag*

    but she is actually a ho, i heard.
    her pimp is the one who has her doing that shit on cam for money.
    i wish she wasn’t so in-consistence because she had a HUGE fan base.

    1. What throws me is that the dudes she fucks… are FINE! So am i to believe they’re paying her for sex they can get for free? Issue the kitty made of platinum? Must be.

      1. she is my hero.

        but i knew she had to be a ho because they only do like one or two positions, she never rides them, she doesn’t kiss them, and when they are done – pants up and they are out the door.

        a muthafucka will pay for some good sex.
        only thing is, they never knew they were being taped.

  3. but she is stupid tho.
    had potential to be big because muthafuckas were eating it up.
    but she is lazy about making that paper.
    so now she is a joke and people do not trust her.
    i wish i met someone who had ALL her movies.

  4. OOOhhh, that makes sense now. I figured she was a prostitute based on her interactions with the men she’s with; very minimal communication. But I don’t even think the sex is that spectacular to be paying for it? They kind of just use her as an object. But I guess it takes less effort to pull out a few bills as opposed to buying you drinks, talking to you on the phone, feigning interest in your interests, and trying to convince you to that he’ll call you tomorrow and ask how your day went… if you just let him hit tonight.

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