Premium Meat of my Minute: Victor Cruz

Does the NY Giants stay with fine men on their team?
Gotta love The Concrete Forest and our taste.

But look at my newest cutie I would like to let get on TOP

Well helllllooooooooooooooooo.

The things I would do to this one here!

Victor Cruz (born November 11, 1986) is a Puerto Rican American football wide receiver for the New York Giants of the National Football League. He was an undrafted free agent signed by the Giants in the off season. He played college football at UMass.[2]


I was just saying I would LOVE some prime Puerto Rican beef for dinner tonight too…

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21 thoughts on “Premium Meat of my Minute: Victor Cruz”

  1. He’s alright…My pannies didn’t get wet 🙂 I like him better with his fitted on. I’d have to see him nude to give a complete review…Hopefully sum groupie is cumin with those pics

  2. He cute would def let him smash a few times. Oh Jamari if u haven’t heard NFL wolves are ducking for cove. There’s a lil e-mail going around of the DL party lists

      1. Yea apparently a snake slithered in one of the party’s and sang like a lil bird. No one believed them so they got the list and talikin about it. All I know it was in Miami and some popular ballers were in attendance

    1. I saw his pictures the other day and a thought ran through my mind: “Puerto Ricans play football?”. And then the subsequent thought was… “Am i asking for a lot when i say i just want one? Just one. Do i have to be 35 and well over the dating scene and comfortable with the idea of being by myself forever to finally meet him?”

  3. *Bites Bottom Lip* Oh Yeah!!!! Jamari, this is the type of meat I saw in the Baltimore game. I just need one just like Vain said. I am so serious about making a trip to the concrete jungle to comendeer all those in my sight. Moreover, I needs that list so I know who to target, I needs a pro player in my life ASAP!!

  4. He is the ideal guy, meaning he is nice to lust after on the net. In real life, I have different standards though. If we impose premium meat standards on people we meet everyday, we’ll be disappointed either way it goes.

  5. I saw him playing and I damn near fainted I had to Wiki him. I bet he got some MEAT on him, he got them “big dick hands”!!!!

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