Part 2: Sooo I came all on the floor…

Part 2 of our convo after the jump.
He is speaking that top knowledge though.
He had me type horny though.
I had my hands in certain places talkin to him…

Sorry. had a moment.


So yeah I definitely took alot of notes.

(sorry it is so spaced out)

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Damn…I pre-came.

I was lucky to have a convo this morning with a friend of mine.
Well I won’t lie because if we were close, he would definitely be “Daddy“.  Whoever he is dating, they get my congrats. I know they are lucky.  He has some serious hood swag that I find incredibly sexy.

Anyway, I tole him to check out my blog and he had a few (ahem) words … for my blog on “Lemme Talk To My Tops“. Let’s just say, I was moist by the end of the convo.

Check for it after the jump—–>

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1st Round

A sexual short starring Jamari Fox

I couldn’t believe it. My dream had finally come true. I was sitting in the front seat in a all black Range with a fine ass black man in the driver’s seat. Not just any fine ass black dude (because Lord knows I have been with a few) but this one was different. Very very different….

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