.F0x Flixxx: Good Labor Day Back Breakin’

Picture this.

go ahead.
Focus your imagination on this.

You are on your way to a cookout.
Your ‘fit is on point and you are smelling good.
Your boo comes in and is looking sctumptious.

You thinking to yourself how can you get it in before you go to this cookout?
Do you pull off all your clothes?
How is this going to happen?

Then he gives you that look,
and it is ON.

This is the outcome:

Happy Labor Day!

Dealing With All That Cock!

We seen em.
We have heard em a mile away.
We witnessed the fuckery in the clubs.
We have read their Myspaces, Facebooks, and Tweets.
Watched them “impress who?” on the gay sites.

They are like a strong cologne – their presence walks in the room before they do.

It is the world famous Cocky Nigga.

Are they really the shit as the claim or just a temporary high?

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Same Shit; Different Dick

Dating can have it’s ups and downs.
To be honest, it can be a repetitive game of “Haven’t I done this dick before?”
It can be inspiring or un-interesting, depending on who you ask.
For some, we have it lucky meeting men.
While others, it is another night home alone with a tv dinner and a rerun of “Soul Plane” on BET.
But there are those in the middle who are in relationships and have settled down…
… but at what cost?

This could be an episode of “Your Dating Life: The Clone Wars”.

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Meat Of The Minute: Trey Songz | 2

Trey Songz recently did a new photoshoot with the talented photographer Maya Guez
and I snagged the world premiere exclusives.

You know I had to share them with my readers.

Check for em under the break.

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