(Day26) Willie’s Willy

Exhibit A:

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I Cheated (I’m a Ho, I Know)

So I cheated on Devin.
I know, I know, and I know.
Ya’ll know how I feel about him but, Devin has been playing games.
Jamari moves on quick.
(well, not really cause Devin is still mine)

But a “Daddy From The Past” came back into the picture…
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What Makes U… A Top?

So you are a top huh?
You know the number of top to bottom is like 10 to 1.
You are wanted in this lifestyle like a fat woman needs a glazed donut.
And if you look good then dammit you are on “MUST FUCK” lists.
You are the most requested on various hook up sites.
You have alot of power….

But what really makes you a top?
Do you even know?
Or are you confused until you get a taste of some dick?

This blog goes out to my tops and wannabes.
My ass fuckers and confused brothas.
This ones for you.
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He Invites Me Over…

When I get to his building, I look for his last name on the directory.

“Who dis?” his deep voice rumbled out from the speaker couple seconds later.

“J.” I replied.

The glass door clicks and I walk inside. It was pretty hood, I won’t lie. I mean, I can’t talk because I live in the ghetto my damn self. But I’m in the deep part of the hood. Somewhere in the further parts of the 100 streets. He better be worth it. I walk into the open elevator and press 9. The doors close and I exhale.

Will he like me?

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