3 Reasons Why Trans Vixens Are Replacing Vixens

i think amiyah scott is gorgeous. i love her facial. so it seems vixens can’t do it all in 2017. not even on the side apparently. according to “rolling out magazine”, trans vixens are about to be the new side chick. they gave 3 reasons as to why wolves are switching teams…

Guess Who Finally Got Them Some Transgender Meat?

^yusaf mack allegedly did at this event. yes he still exists.  some of the foxhole cape real heavy for him. i guess he is on a national redemption club tour.  remember how he said he ( x wanted to date a transgender )? well he got one….

How To Be “Straight” and “Gay” At The Same Time

well ^this straight snow wolf is doing it. look at that perfected arch. soooooooo… remember ( x this interview ) i did a while ago? well mtv is going to dive into the world of “gay for pay” for an upcoming “true life” episode. a world that jamari fox doesn’t really understand, but goes along … Continue reading “How To Be “Straight” and “Gay” At The Same Time”

10 Cubs, One Milestone, and Plenty of Notebook Paper

well judging from this picture, yusaf mack had fun at his coming out party. it seemed like it was a good turn out at well. well today, he was in his feelings. he decided to write a poem to his 10 cubs. it was posted it on his instagram for all of us to read…

How To Write A Book About Not Being Drugged To Do Gay Porn

i would look angry too if i looked foolish. okay so gather around because this scandal got really… bad! so remember yusaf mack? he is the pineapple, yes he is on “pineapple status” now, who claimed he was drugged into doing a porn scene. well his trail of fuckery, as well as his twitter favorites, … Continue reading “How To Write A Book About Not Being Drugged To Do Gay Porn”