A Old Bird Gets Stuffed

aedc25c40e7011e2968922000a1cdbb3_7now before you gasp at the title of this entry…
i like evelyn lozada and her bird-ish ways.
she makes for good tv and i was wondering what she was gonna do next?
bbw is dead and stinkin’,
she doesn’t really possess any talent,
and i can’t see her doing challenges on survivor or that donald trump show.
so when the going gets tough,
the tough go and get a baby bump

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada isn’t just pregnant … she’s bursting … and we got photos of the enormous baby bump.

The pics were snapped yesterday in Hawaii — where Evelyn hit the beach with her 20-year-old daughter Shaniece — and there’s no denying … Evelyn’s got one big bun in the oven.

TMZ broke the story, Evelyn is currently 6 months preggers … and ex-husband Chad Johnson is NOT the baby daddy. We’re told the father is a guy Evelyn’s been dating for almost a year now and the pregnancy was planned.

ibnY6oanoVUzirhow random…
just walking on the beach and her daughter is randomly touching her stomach?
they need to work on their “natural” paparazzi poses.
how did they even know who she is?
well congrats ev!
they’re saying this is the alleged sperm donor:USATSI_7283059_crop_northeveryone meet mlb baller wolf,
carl crawford.
plays for the los angeles dodgers.
has a huge ass and you know evelyn likes to toss salad
now lets get to the important stuff:

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 7.53.50 PMtumblr_ltsli8lFG11r5qrimo1_250ya did good ev!
mlb money is always guaranteed like the nba.
she didn’t fuck this one up so that’s good.
it looks like a old bird might be okay after all?

lowkey: i did side eye that “planned” line.
i wonder if they’ll give her a show about her pregnancy?

article and pictures: tmz
salary info: sportrac

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “A Old Bird Gets Stuffed”

  1. I agree with you @TheMan that is way too fast, but then again people do anything for the price of fame. The guy is cute, but I am curious what his ass look like now.

  2. Wait one damn minute. She has been only dating dude for nearly a year. They planned a pregnancy, and she is six months along, which means she hasn’t been with dude that long. Kinda fast ain’t it Ev? Yes I am judging her because she has been too unlucky to be falling so fast. I know she is 37 and she wanted to have another baby, but with her dating history, she had no business getting pregnant by any man that soon. Her and Chad were together for about two, and look how that turned out. Yeah Ev, you are setting a great example for your daughter. Please tell me a baller was not dumb enough to get that broad pregnant. SMH.

    It is all for publicity anyway, her well was running dry and she needed sperm fast, oops I meant water.

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