Okay So This “Orange Is The New Black” Thing…

so i just started this “orange is the new black” show couple hours ago.
all i gotta say is about this shit is…

have i been?

i kept seeing the over sized ads about season 2 inside the 14th street train station.
i come home,
immanuel and another reader telling me i need to check it out.
thats when i knew i had to watch.
well i did and now it’s “lazy is the new fox”.
lets watch it together guys!
unless i’m the only one.
either way grab some popcorn and:


 wish you were here to watch it with me,
but let me know what ya think.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Okay So This “Orange Is The New Black” Thing…

  1. I just finished the first season last week. N I can’t wait to get started on the season 2. It’s so good.

  2. LOL Jamari thanks for the shout. Glad I got you hooked. My daughter is visiting this weekend and I told her to try it. She was up till past midnight watching the first season and loved it. I told her I would wait and watch the second season with her.

    1. ^this show is oz,
      but with females and some comedy.
      netflix is coming up with the shows tho.
      they were real smart to put original programming.

      1. LOL *beats J with a dildo*

        I think it depends on the state. If they are in the process of having their gender re-assigned, then yes. I remember seeing it on one of those prison shows on MSNBC.

  3. This show is good and it’s interesting. I’m only five episodes in the first season. Yea, I know I’ve got some catching up to do lol.

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