Nicki Minaj Sends Her Barbz To Eat This Vixen for Dinner

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you know…
stan bases are interesting.
they will go hard on social media for their favorite artist,
but will be missing in action come record sales.
ain’t that right __________?
well nicki minaj sent her “barbz” for a random vixen tonight.
this is what she put up on her twitter

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x click here to see the dragging

where was the diss?
aren’t the vixens in atlanta supposed to be pretty?
maybe it was a compliment?
i guess i try to see the positive in things.
that was a little foul mama.
just a little.
you have 20.3 million followers who showed up for this,
but where were they come “album release”?
i’m just asking…
you should definitely be having adele type sales with that follow count.


x see nicki eggin’ it on via her twitter

lowkey: who are the most ruthless fan bases?
i pick the beyhive and the swifties for the win.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sends Her Barbz To Eat This Vixen for Dinner”

  1. Nicki has too much wealth to be focused on what others have to say on Twitter. Girl get your priorities together and support yo nigga whose facing time in the joint.

  2. I don’t think it was a diss either because aren’t majority of the women in Atlanta dress nice and have big booties?

  3. Def the BeyHive and the Swifties. I never had a run in with either one of them; however, I blocks them. Oh and I dare for any BeyHive stan to come for me on here because I will say this: “BEYONCE IS D’VORAH FROM MORTAL KOMBAT X SO HER NAME IS D’VORAHONCE! Beyoncé has a new book out called ‘Lord of the Flies'” There I said it!

  4. Beyonce and damn Rihanna navy fans are vicious lol they GO IN!!!!! Nicki needs to grow up…If I’m a self proclaimed Queen of Rap then why tell my fans to bash a random person…Petty, weak and insecure

  5. Whoa Whoa whoa. I’m from Atlanta, we got some of the best looking girls in the world. What was she saying?

    However, I love stan culture. It’s just so funny to me.

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