Melissa Francis Uses Her Snow Bunny Tears As A Shield

she looks like she uses her tears effectively.
i bet they hate her at supermarkets and restaurants.

so yesterday we talked about “tears of black trump supporters”,
but we’re gonna talk about “snow bunny tears” today.
those tears can be dangerous af.
either to cry about:

bad service at a public establishment
confrontation at work
“why don’t you love me anymore Ted?!” with the cheating hubby
getting the “big bad black wolf” in trouble

it’s well known that when a snow bunny cries,
someone(s) is rushing to her rescue.
so melissa franics cried today on “outnumbered” on fox news.
she is an actress and journalist.
they were discussing trump’s comments during his news conference,
but melissa got right in her feelings about it.
this is what happened

you know what makes “us” uncomfortable melissa?!
hearing our supposed president defend nazis and white supremacists.
you know what else makes “us” uncomfortable?
being black means we might get shot in the streets by those who are designed to protect us.
it is an uncomfortable world for those with black fur.
being “white and privileged” shouldn’t be uncomfortable tho.
oh wait…
whites had to take a look at their behavior this past weekend.
it was like a mirror being held up down in charlottesville.
they are forced to see their nasty ways,
as well as being called out for it by everyone,
including some of their own.
trump represents most of them and it’s an ugly truth.
i can see how that would make “them” uncomfortable.
even the white supremacist jackal was using his tears today.
he was shook af learning he could get arrested after charlottesville:

he didn’t have that same energy when he was ( x talking whole shit ).
he pulled out his “snow wolf in trouble” voice and everything.

lowkey: the snow bunny in the black was hitting melissa with facts.
i like “snow bunny on snow bunny” shading.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Melissa Francis Uses Her Snow Bunny Tears As A Shield”

  1. I am glad that the black female cohost said it was ok cry, but the the conversation still needs to happen. Tears shouldn’t be treated like a big deal, and if the black people on the show aren’t crying than this women definitely shouldn’t be crying.
    Ps I wonder if she was crying when the trump access Hollywood tape came out.

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