14 thoughts on “MEAT: (646)

  1. Now I love Dominican men a lot and when I move back to NY I’m definitely going to the Dominican parade, but this guy doesn’t turn me on at all. For some reason he just feel like a kid brother to me.

  2. Ok. Looks like he working with something there. In the other pic he had his hand down there, obstructing the “view”! LOL
    I agree with Jamari…that body is something else! But he’s the rare entire package, good looks and killer body…which leads me to believe he may be fucked up mentally.

    1. ^yeah im getting that vibe.
      the attention seeking is soaked on his Instagram.
      I mean I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.
      he def could smash.
      i just wouldn’t stick around.

      1. ^J….I damn sure wouldn’t kick him outta bed either! I’d have my fun and let him be on his merry lil’ way!

  3. I’m loving this guy, you should soooooooo see if you can get an interview with him, who knows maybe you can get one with his friend too.

    1. Really?! Maravilla looks made up…like he has on too much makeup or something. This one…he’s just right!!! LOL

    2. Yes, I prefer Maravilla too. He is so cute and that body is definitely a plus, but I miss when he had long hair tho.

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