MEAT: (560)

tumblr_n1umz7MouJ1rnnb31o1_500well hello.
i was just about to go take a nice warm bath.
you should join me.
my tub is big enough for two.
and what a coinky dink!
so is my bed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “MEAT: (560)

  1. Swerve Jamari this is another wannabe rapper/model/instawhore that lives in Richmond,VA. He’s originally from Texas, tall as fuck 6’6, and raps like a poor man’s Kirko Bangz.

    1. He better have gave up. We will always exist man. A person could never block us out. We will always be around them.

    2. I think many of them make statements about gays to kill any possible rumor before it starts. They are around guys all of the time, so no one will suspect the “best friend” or the “brother from another mother” whom many of them pose in pics with and post all over social media.

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