Laverne Cox: How To Ruin Your Career in 60 Seconds?

Screen-Shot-2014-01-13-at-7.56.47-AM…and the backlash has begun.
so laverne cox aka sophia from orange is the new black has apparently lost her mind.
yeah i said it.
laverne decided to bring awareness to a very weird cause.
well to a fellow transsexual who is currently in jail.
ima need you to check out what it was exactly…


Orange Is The New Black actor Laverne Cox launched a public campaign this week in support of a male incarcerated for the rape and murder of a thirteen-year-old girl and abuse of her corpse, because that man now considers himself to be “transgender”.

Cox uses the fame generated by recent acting success in an attempt to create sympathy for the convicted child-killer and his quest to medically feminate and be transferred to a female prison. “I want my voice to be heard, I want my dreams to matter, I want people to know who I am because tomorrow is not promised,” reads Cox.

Laverne Cox’s video has been widely promoted as “Laverne Cox Reads A Letter From A Transwoman Currently In Prison”, but this isn’t the first publicized “letter” from Synthia China Blast, born Luis Morales.

In 2004 Synthia China Blast emulated the New York Zodiac Killer Heriberto Seda, by sending a typewritten letter to the NY Daily News, titled “This is the voice of the Zodiac Killer’s Wife”. In the letter the sex-offender and child-killer expressed his desire to “become a woman” and “marry” the serial killer, who was serving his 235-year sentence in the same facility. “If I was a real woman I could bring about little future serial killers to terrorize NYC like my husband did. How [New Yorkers] would of loathed the Zodiac Children,” Blast wrote.

Out of all the causes in the entire world that could have been championed, the OITNB star Laverne Cox asks that you lend your support to a deranged, sadistic, life-extinguishing person who raped and murdered little Ebony Nicole Williams, then dumped her lifeless body off a highway underpass, later returning to burn her corpse.

Cox is joined in this action by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a transgender organization that supports incarcerated males who are serving sentences for the rape, murder, and sexual exploitation of children. The organization encourages transgender youth to write to these men, including pedophile Lewis Stevens who represents the Sylvia Rivera Law Project as “Lennea Elizabeth Stevens” in a blog on their website. Stevens is incarcerated for possessing a collection of videos of children being raped.

Naya+Rivera505there is a youtube video of laverne speaking about it,
but it went ( x “private” ) very quickly.

ETA: video added for educational purposes…

wonder why?
i saw some of it and was kinda baffled as to why she thought THAT was a brilliant idea?
can you do me a favor?
you see that OITNB script sitting on your coffee table?
go pick it up and read it.
you doing wayyyyyyy too much talking nowadays.
they already sending around a petition to fire your ass.
i know you want to be the freedom fighter for the transsexuals and all,
but that one ain’t the one!
can’t wait to see ya next season!

lowkey: love how she ignored the poor girl that was murdered,
but wants (us) to support a blatant crazy person.
moving said crazy person to a prison with women.
has the fame gotten to laverne’s head?
if so,
this should deflate it pretty quick.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Laverne Cox: How To Ruin Your Career in 60 Seconds?”

  1. Is she cray? This is no different than those black people who supported OJ just because he was black. I think there were only like 10 of them but still, they were wrong. I had the same reaction as that Naya Rivera gif. I hope they don’t allow that murderer to transfer prisons. Too little too late for him to be trying to have rights. He’s a prisoner, keep him that way. I won’t be shocked if and when they do start treating Luis like a king(queen.) I heard of a prison that is specifically made for pedophiles, treats them better than how we’re treated out here. They get to watch new movies with freshly buttered popcorn and everything. And yes, I referred to Luis as a he because he is still a man right now although a very effeminate one I’m sure. And he better stay that way.

    Ugh! America.

    1. ^something is wrong with people nowadays.
      people doing the dumbest shit.
      how could laverne seriously think that would have went over well?
      who the hell does her management and pr?

    2. Synthia-China Blast was an innocent transformation of color who was falsely convicted of murder simply because she did not stop of report that Carloz Franco killed that child. In addition, the fabricated charges of rape she was acquitted of when the medical examination revealed that the victim was in fact still a Virgin when she died and there was zero evidence to support a rape took place. I don’t go by fake news articles. I DEAL WITH FACTS NOT ATTACKS. SYNTHIA CHINA BLAST IS INNOCENT. She is not a sex offender ansc I i²11

  2. Typical sissy . A little fame goes to his head and she start to act crazy. What is the matter with these girls? STFU , READ YOUR SCRIPT AND SO YOUR SAMN JOB. These hoes always Spoil a good thing. I hope they fire his ass.

  3. Really tho? Sometimes it is best to be seen and not heard, but isn’t that the way it is with all celebs? Don’t ruin the respect people have for you.

  4. So when is Christelyn Karazin, Kola Boof and Breukelen Bleu going to say something in support of this murdered black child Ebony Nicole Williams, they all claim to champion black women issues clearly they are not maybe they in league with Laverne Cox and Luis Morales, I think something far more sinister they so badly want to appeal to the mainstream especially Christelyn Karazin, that they have thrown Ebony Nicole Williams under a bus for the sake of Laverne Cox and Luis Morales.
    R.I.P Ebony Nicole Williams

  5. The reason these creeps keep duping honest folks is that they’re pulling their shit behind a facade of decency. The front story is that transwomen have it so hard so we should all jump behind them and help push this shit around. The truth is that the transgender movement is overwhelmingly dominated by white, middle to upper class heterosexual cross dressers, pedophiles and woman-hating fetishists who do not care who they use or hurt as they want. We’re the human shields for their indecencies.

  6. Laverne needs to sit down and LISTEN to women when we say that we do NOT want some crazy rape-murder convict who tortured a black child to death and then burnt her body moved into a women’s facility.

    1. I heard enough. i did my own research. just found out synthia was ever convicted oif rape. the terfs are pasting these claims throughtout their pages to torture synthias who by the way is dead. yesssssa. she killed herself a few years back. so let her rip andasforcox….udestfu. npbody luikes you. like come on already. stfu.

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