lamont johnson releases his pipe leakage on his “onlyfans”

dwayne mckell.
steven beck.
flashman wade.
jonathan “heat” martinez.
now we’ll add lamont johnson to the list.
they all have something in common:

well as you know,
lamont johnson just got an “onlyfans”.
we were all wondering how low would he go.
 i got this link from a foxholer and well…


it looks cute.
does he know how to use it?
was the bouncing really necessary tho?

i hear he is having sex on “onlyfans” as well.

he could have capitalized on how much he looks like obj.
“could have”.
maybe he already did so this was next steps?
that fame monster will do it to ya.

lowkey: i still think he should have stayed silent.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “lamont johnson releases his pipe leakage on his “onlyfans””

  1. This doesn’t seem like a smart move for him in the long run. Also its cute but the mystery was sooooooooooooooo much better.

  2. I definitely think he should have stayed away from Only fans in general but if he was gonna do anything, he should have done what everyone else does and played up as ASSets for a while before a big reveal. Sidebar; He’s really nice to look at but I immediately lost my attraction to him the first time I heard him speak.

    1. If you’re referring to the song in this video on this page it is

      “Used To” by NBDY (according to Shazam)

  3. Real talk I wanted to see him Naked although I loved the teasing and all the half naked pics I was just curious to see what the dick looked like. To be honest I did subscribed and haven’t seen this video maybe this was one that was taken down, but he do have alot of ass pics and him fucking some female with a bunch of ass shots thanks for the post

      1. It’s only a couple of seconds long and of course the females are moaning and I’m just happy that he’s wearing a condom in the videos because most of these accounts the dudes not wearing condoms

    1. @misterty08… I dont think that he is wearing a condom in that short vid. Unless he has another one, bc the one that Jamari posted. He is not wearing a condom.

  4. Look at Trap Jesus out here blessing all his Ratchet Rainbow Children with this Black Male Greatness. Wont He Do It! Aint nobody mad but the Devil.

  5. I saw him in person at a Chick-fil-A here in atl while I was waiting in line. He’s tall and has a very nice body (and ass lol) but he’s much more attractive on IG than in person honestly.

  6. *cries in uncircumcized* LOL. I’m just curious what early he’s trying to push with his brand? At this rate he’s going down the porn star route… Guys like this burn out quickly.. Get your money I guess..

    And I agree with one of the posters above.. This dude is nice looking but its better when you don’t hear his voice haha

    Btw who has the link of him fucking somebody on his onlyfans?

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