Lady Gaga Versus Perez Hilton: The Showdown of The Two Dramatic Queens?

perez-hilton-lady-gaga-su-007happier times?
so perez hilton and lady gaga are having a war on twitter.
they been throwing shots at each other all weekend.
i guess like many others she learned not to trust him.
well they are beefin’ live and in living technicolor right now.
check the tweets below…


ohher:OH OKus:


why all this 140 character beef?
what happened to picking up the phone,
dialing his number,
and cussin him the fuck out?
maybe even showing up at his door with your mace or stun gun?
well he did and had to get escorted out her building.
one side of me thinks “pr for a stalled music career.
another side thinks “you lay with dogs and end up with fleas”.
either way i’m watching from my castle over here with the foxhole.
may the best girl win!

x perez twitter
x lady gaga’s twitter

lowkey: i always said most problems can be solved when you put a gun on the table.
people buck up real quick when they’re running from a hail of bullets.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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