juh (has no) chill hoeee when it comes to suckin’ on that shish kabob

when they said some males were sexually fluid these days,
they weren’t lying.
with this boom of onlyfans and attentionistos doing whatever to pay the bills,
i can’t say that i haven’t been entertained.

Mind you,
this is all on social media.
It’s hard to find the “sexually fluid” Pokemon in real life.

remember music artist and attentionisto,
juh chill hoeee


…and onlyfans star,
( x see that here )
i guess juh has no chill these days cause…


you know he has taken a shish kabob to the face before.
this is definitely not his first time at the rodeo.

How long before he spread eagle,
with his legs in shackles,
and recreating the “Chloe” in an Onlyfans video?

you know it’s…

lowkey: i swear i saw him up in some black chick smashin’ her stupid.
is he bi then?
( x his twitter is wild )

7 thoughts on “juh (has no) chill hoeee when it comes to suckin’ on that shish kabob

  1. But for real, he could have done better, if he wanted to suck something or someone. I would stick a jolly rancher in that booty and suck it until it melts. He is giving you Nick Cannon look a like vibes.

  2. He is so precious. Just want to cuddle up with him. His whiny voice has a certain pleading appeal. 👁️❤️👁️Cook him a good meal, run his bath and put my Boo to sleep.

  3. He has beautiful eyes, but no friends. I don’t know who this man is Jamari, but he needs to stick to spoken word and NEVER sing again.

    Like..it’s okay to be tone deaf. Everybody can’t do everything. Gosh. He KNOWS he’s not excelling which is what annoys me. Pretty people really think you should overlook lack of any talent.

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