jimmy smacks woke up and decided to suck on a trans vixen on onlyfans (everyone will just have to deal?)

i find people who are extremely sexual are suffering from some kind of trauma.
jimmy smacks always came off like he has something going on within.
he has fucked probably every vixen in florida and surrounding states on his onlyfans.
always some new guest star; always giving the dick away for views.
just the other day,
he was fuckin’ a midget.


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it’s like he’s on a show titled,
who is jimmy gonna smash next?“.
he has folks talking about him suckin’ pipe on a trans-vixen


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i love when males protest they aren’t gay but end up doing something “gay”.

it looked like you were deep throating that pipe something serious.
she literally was holding your head down as you had it in your mouth.
you might not be gay,
but you may just be sexually fluid as many males seem to be these days.

It’s not a death sentence as it once was.

you might like trans vixens who are pre-op.
that’s okay.
everyone has a fetish.

jimmy further defended himself on an ig live:

“it’s something i decided to post.
something to do,
feel me.
a pineapple can wake up one day and say they want to try some shit…”

well shiiiiiieeeeetttttt,
no cap,
i hope more sexy pineapples wake up and wanna try some shit.
the ones i’m attracted to can text or dm me for experimental purposes.

lowkey: bobby lytes decided to come to jimmy’s defense…

bobby wants next in an onlyfans feature.
he ain’t low.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “jimmy smacks woke up and decided to suck on a trans vixen on onlyfans (everyone will just have to deal?)

  1. I believe this validates what I have always believed. “SEX IS MENTAL!!”.What you will and will not do is all in your head.

    Men and woman going to prison has always been a prime example of people given a green light to do it. “Down Low” and “Fluid” are merely words to make us feel better about it .

      1. Nah, Jamari it’s only gay if she takes off her lace front…You didn’t know that?! Lol!!! Up until then she’s “little red riding his dick in the hood”. But when that cap come off he’ll suddenly claim he’s been tricked into throating another big bad wolf and then claim he was in some type of financial bind and just did it for the money–where you at tanksnlove??! #ImJustSayin

    1. Just because many people yell that they’re not into something but secretly are, doesn’t mean everybody is confused.

  2. Sexuality is a spectrum and you choose what part you want to be. People are too strict with labels and shit that doesn’t do anything but pigeonhole people into boxes for the majority to absorb. Fuck that, live your life and be happy. I don’t do labels and I let people be themselves. Just don’t play with my emotions and bullshit me and we straight lol.

  3. Might not be gay. Did you really type that Jamari? The mental gymnastics for these butch queens is too much. He’s not straight. However he labels himself is cool. Straight men would get soft at a woman with a penis. End of discussion.

  4. This is probably why lil murda decided to stay dl and quiet because they really sending a grown man that does what he wants sexually, for money probably aka trade, death threats. lol

    Madness I tell you

  5. I don’t care about what or who he’s sucking, i don’t even know him tbh. But i just wanna say pre-op transwomen are not a fetish jamari.

    i know you didn’t mean to be insulting this i reductive at best transphobic at worst

  6. Sending death threats for what, cause they want to smash or get they dick sucked, I don’t get it. What he put in his mouth and fondle is his business. I don’t care where any of them sticking their dick or tongue. They human too. The ones thats mad r the ones u need to question cause why u mad. He clearly is not coming at you to suck a dick. He did what he did. Its some “straight” dudes getting fucked with dildos up their booty but mad cause another dude put a dick in his mouth. I don’t care if it is fake, its still representing a dick going in your ass penetrating and pleasing you so in my book, you like dick which makes you gay.

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