jesse williams gets some alleged broadway leakage?

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Nudity, Adult Content

i JUST had a foxholer ask me in a dm about jesse williams.
the foxholer asked me about any leakage from his play,
take me out“.
i told him that i highly doubt anything would leak from it.
it was probably gonna be something you had to see. in person.
it seems someone went up in there and snapped the alleged goods.

a foxholer sent in an alleged drop from @promoz4u


with alleged visuals:



if that’s him then i see the appeal now.
it’s goes deeper than his eyes.
see what i did there?

if thats him on soft,
i’m scared to see what kind of weapon that is on hard.
welp if this is true then congrats jessie!

Your play is about to be sold out.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “jesse williams gets some alleged broadway leakage?”

  1. I have seen them play and it’s definitely him. When I saw it I was “surprised” to say the least. It’s very nice and the ass is on point too. Other than his nice body the play was really good also

    1. ^ the amount of people that are about to sell this play out…
      they may even extend the dates.
      nothing like an alleged peen to sell tickets 😂😓

  2. I just saw this post on B Scott’s page and all these women are saying that’s why his ex wife is so bitter and angry she miss his “goods” 🍆 😃

  3. I’ve seen the play and Jesse was a (pleasant) sight to see. Coming out of the theatre, many of the gay men were talking about that. Seriously, though, the play was good enough to take my mind away from the nudity (and there was A LOT of it). Particularly the last 20 minutes or so. I would recommend it, but the friend who went with me wasn’t that impressed with the writing or acting. To each his own…While we’re talking about Broadway, “A Strange Loop” just got 11 Tony nominations and it centers a black gay man. It’s a musical and there’s no nudity, but…Finally, For Colored Girls is doing well on Broadway, too.

    1. Steve, why was there so much nudity? Was the nudity necessary? Did much of the play take place in the shower room of the baseball team? Was there nudity by Jesse Tyler Ferguson–previously of Modern Family?

      1. Dean the play mainly takes place in the locker room. Yes the nudity is a part of the locker room. And no the other Jesse is never nude. He’s JW manager in the play

        1. Nudity is rarely a part of a locker room now. Prior to 2000, it was somewhat. But now, it’s mostly frightened women in men’s bodies behind curtains.

          1. Gym locker rooms yeah but not professional locker rooms. If professional locker rooms are like that then they have private showers but the NFL definitely has open showers like that. NBA probably don’t and definitely gym showers are covered. Even College showers are open like that. They be all on Instagram showing it. Nudity is prevalent in locker rooms until they know somebody is gay. That video with Jesse is facts about that. When they think everybody straight, they get naked, slap booties, snatch towels and everything. When they feel somebody might be suspect, they wait until they are done and gone. Same in gyms, well before the pandemic it was.

    2. Colored girls is closing this month. Take Me Out was good it closes next month. TMO was full of white gay men, and white women. Lack few people of color in the audience

      American Buffalo was good also

  4. If my recollection is correct, Jussie Smolett was due to star in the play as the mixed-race baseball player but he lost the role due to his criminal matter in Chicago So instead of the biracial Jussie Smolett we have the biracial Jesse Williams..

      1. I would think that this is a prosthetic. Jesse is a known actor; television, movies, and stage. I doubt he would show his real goods, knowing that someone would be filming. It is funny to see the size difference between him and the white guy, who isn’t wearing a prosthetic.

        1. Not a prop. Bro they are naked on stage. And the. Person who did that had another phone they didn’t put in the phone pouch at the door. You have to put your phone in a pouch before you enter.

        2. I doubt it’s a prosthetic. I could understand if this was a movie. Besides it actually swings lol This reminds me of the pic of a pair of draws on a staircase he posted a month or two back. I wonder if they were his??

        3. I say the play and it’s not a prosthetic. There were actually two shower scenes and though Jesse wasn’t in the first scene the rest of the team was. There was a lot of nudity.

      2. God, yes.

        By the way Jamari, Jussie is a top. So he was piping at least one of those brothers DOWN. You know the big brolic dudes are bottoms and the skinny ones are tops.

  5. This might hook the gays & women back into liking Jesse (it got me tbh).

    I do think he’s cute but yeah this pushed him over the edge. Lol

  6. Jesse Williams and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and 4 of their costars were on tonight’s episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.I didn’t realize this was Jesse Williams live stage(theater)debut.

    They didn’t mention the leakage but Andy did ask was there any “fluffing” for the guys who were nude.A couple of the co stars, who were behind the bar, said yes they fluffed but they may have been joking around.

    JW mentioned he is working on a project about Harry Belafonte that he hopes to star in so that should be interesting.

    1. I don’t know why I thought this was a prosthetic, but I was wrong! That’s all him! As someone else mentioned, the actor Daniel Sunjata was in this same role years ago and the same thing happened. Someone snuck a camera into the play and his nudes were leaked. Google it!

      1. Omg, thanks for this! I definitely looked it up and you right, he was on stage nude too in the same role. They need to keep this play going and just switch out the lead every so often cause dayumm! Lol

  7. I’m more interested in seeing Russel Wilson. I don’t want to see the peen of a man who left a Black woman who supported him until he got put on, to get with a basic white woman, but thinks he is some Black Lives Matter activist. FOH.

  8. id of gagged! like if I got invited to this and didn’t know this was about to happen!? id have let out a whole “oooh shiiitttt! 🫢” jus uncultured and flustered 😩😂

  9. Chile that’s a beautiful man! Those eyes signify danger impending and that dick is a dangerous weapon. Ooo Chile! I wished I lived closer to NYC cuz I would definitely go see this play and plays in general. I might have to start booking me some hotel time.

  10. There are more pictures out there and I’m pleased to see he’s uncut (different part of the play). So it seems he’s “fluffed in these pictures.

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