in another day of “expose the racist”, charles geier is #toothlessthomas

put ^that away sir.
let’s put your racist ways and trump supporting out there instead.
i don’t understand why racist jackals and hyenas won’t be found.
the internet loves a witch hunt and public shaming.
if the foxhole can find a social media of a fine or problematic wolf for me,
what makes MAGA think they won’t get exposed by the world?
well i saw this video of him harassing janet espejel and had to smh:


the way he is saying “bitch”
he sounds like one of those mean snow vixens in a 90s teen movie.

he gonna says she needs a gay friend to help with her make up and clothes.
how can you be gay,
dent in the car,
and also be part of MAGA?
sounds like karma for being on the wrong team.
it didn’t take long to find out who he is…

that old ass nautica cologne.
for shame.
i bet they’ll find his “grindr” profile next.

the net even got his address too.
(you can google if you want that).
he allegedly lives in houston, texas.
according to a foxholer,
he had a lot of latino fuck buddies friends on his fb before he shut it down.
how interesting that the racist in him flew out,
even with having minorities as friends.
for some,
all it takes is to be drunk off anger and rage to show their true self.
he seems like a drug addict anyway.
the scratching of the jaw is giving me tier 3  “meth head” vibes.
he won’t be missed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “in another day of “expose the racist”, charles geier is #toothlessthomas”

  1. honestly, i laughed when i first saw this on ig. im like dude is really on one. watching it again it’s disturbing to know that ppl so ignorant and filled with that much hate exist in the world smh.

  2. I was disturbed the minute I saw this. I didn’t find it funny. What sealed the deal was the little girl in the back car listening to this man say those things. Folks don’t think kids take stuff in, but the do remember.

    Like how do you talk to someone like that. Drugs really bring our the real person.

  3. Bitch is meth’d out of her mind. And I guarantee you the toothless cunt is just the type to be hunting for BBC on Grindr 24/7. Being racist never stops these fools from craving us.

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