If Trayvon Martin Was White… Well, You Don’t Even Have To Ask!

-1there would have been no trial.
no media coverage.
george would’ve been UNDER that jail since couple months ago.
that’s all i’m sayin…

be safe out there.

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17 thoughts on “If Trayvon Martin Was White… Well, You Don’t Even Have To Ask!”

  1. I agree!! The media would have ostrcisized Zimmerman if he were black and call Trayvon a “poor innocent kid”..without pulling his “possible gang affiliation”

    1. It’s amazing how many people: (1) know nothing about the law; and (2) watched not a minute of the Zimmerman trial are now experts on both.

  2. GZ’s recklessness and profiling led to the confrontation. He has blood on his hands!!! But, if it was a black person killing another, would other blacks be as outraged? 72 shot in Chiraq over the holiday wknd!!!

    1. Why do people keep saying that.The attorney said that after hours of bragging about how good they were, even though their lawyer skills had nothing to do with them winning.If Trayvon was shot by a black male, he would’ve been in jail within weeks after shooting and killing him and the case wouldn’t make national news.He sure as hell wouldn’t be patted on the back and told to go home

  3. And the prosecution, overreaching and performing poorly, failed the Martin family!

    1. Please go spread that hatred elsewhere. You know the truth and don’t come somewhere trying to start up something.

  4. I want to tell you guys a story.This happened where I lived.A white police man shot and killed a mixed woman.I put the mixed part because her white mom kept saying that it wasn’t racially motivated “because her baby was biracial.”He claimed that she wasn’t listening to him and he was afraid so he shot at her.Evidence proved that she was in motion to do what he was telling her to do.She also had her 3 year old son in her arms.The little boy didn’t die but he lost a few fingers.It went down exactly like the Trayvon Martin case.The jury was all white and decided he was not guilty.The family did get a settlement, it was I think 2 million dollars.I guess they decided he was negligent.If you saw this man, you can see he’s not all their, his screws aren’t to tight like all racist people.Now he’s just sitting at home chilling living his life like he didn’t even kill a mother of 6.This case happened a few years ago.It was clearly racially motivated, he saw the woman as black and was doing his duty as a retard by causing strife in her and her husbands life by shooting at her.To all the mixed, Latin, etc, don’t think for one second that these people wouldn’t pull the trigger on you and then slander your character afterward like you were in the wrong.They did it to the woman where I lived and they did it to Trayvon.It’s funny how all these cases are always given a jury trial and the jury is always all white.You’d think they’d try and have a mixed jury white, black, etc.Even though I lived in a small town, there are plenty of blacks and Mexicans here.

    1. Check the facts the racial make up of the jury was not all white and in this backwards area of Florida Mexicans are discriminated against just as bad which would not have been an advantage for his defense.

  5. I’m so angry. Even though I think most of us prepared for this, it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Hurt and Rage……..sigh.

  6. This is NOT a race issue. He was killed by a Mexican. Get your facts together before you spread false information.

    1. Jamari …. I have no agree on this one and it’s unlike you. George Zimmerman is NOT WHITE and is in fact Mexican.

      1. He is Peruvian and White and many Peruvians are offended that people are saying he is Mexican.Two different continents

      2. Colette….. I just pulled up the interview by his brother and no white or peruvian in his blood line.

    2. George Zimmerman is not Mexican at all. His father is of German descent and his mother is Peruvian.

  7. I thought Zimmerman’s dad was white and previously a judge.Didn’t her appear on a program defending his son?It’s not like it matters,.Trayvon was pursued by George because he was black.Racial profiling, period, end of story.

    1. Several people from Peru claim Georges mom Gladys Mesa was born in Lima,Peru they are celebrating the verdict.As for his dad Robert Zimmerman obviously has a white person in his ancestry somewhere with that German/Jewish surname George identifies as Hispanic but had a poor opinion of Mexicans on his myspace page.Gotta go

  8. Its amazing that so many people commenting and in America in general are trying to play like race was not a factor, and it does not permeate every facet of American society. I have worked in law enforcement and seen the disparity first hand. I hope you all thinking that race was not a factor will enjoy the benefits and get proper justice if you ever are faced with any type of legal action, since you have so much faith in the American Judicial System.

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