I Want To Jump Head First In Your Jeans

1aa387e4bba0b47c67afac6e6ca2f466as you know i make love to pinterest regularly.
i was pinning real good just now and came across that guide on how to wear jeans.
nothing worse than someone wearing the wrong jeans for their body.
this guide should help a lost fashion soul.

lowkey: i really need to get my money right.
pinterest is making me miss shopping.
my “fox swagg” board is poppington.
you should check it out for daily tips and ideas for things to wear!
follow me as well!

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as you can tell…
i <3 clothes like i do a fine wolf.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “I Want To Jump Head First In Your Jeans”

  1. Muscular dudes need not wear shirts that are super tight on their body and show off every muscle.I shouldn’t see your abs when you’re wearing a shirt.It looks desperate, “look at me, I lift weights.”The main problem seems to be people waring clothes too big or too small.Didn’t they read Goldilocks and the 3 bears.The middle is always right/perfect.Not too much and not too little.

    There’s a guy that lives across the street from me, he has 3 kids with his baby momma.He’s a tall thick black dude, he’s not fat but thick with bony ass ankles, anyways, dude always wears the tiniest skinny jeans that hang off his ass.He has a nice ass but he looks kinda goofy.A big tall ass dude that looks like he’s wearing his little brother’s jeans.

    I also went to school with fat girls that wore everything a few sizes too damn small.They’d be wearing tight ass shirts with belly pudge poking through.Tiny ass skirts that end above their knees.Some people need to learn what clothes compliment their body type and what doesn’t.

    One thing that always irritated me was the sagging debate.The saggers would laugh at the dudes wearing skinny jeans and dudes wearing skinny jeans would laugh at saggers because it apparently went out of style.The whole time I thought “Why don’t you all just buy jeans your size.”Does really have to be either or.Can’t we just say the new style is wearing your size instead of big pants or tiny pants.Another thing that bugged was…dudes who sag skinny jeans… WTF.Can we just wear the right sized jeans and not alter them in any way.The preppy look needs to come in style.

  2. I LOVE your Pininterest! Everything you posted I would definitely wear. I’m a lover of fashion.

    P.S. I just ordered a Herschel Little America backpack.

  3. ^thank you ty!
    don’t even get me started on a wolf who can dress.
    nothing potentially drop my drawz faster than a well prepared and freshly seasoned of meat.
    also nice look on that bag!
    i’m in love with those bag designs.

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