Once upon a time…
In a few decades far away…

a little fox,
who lived on a beautiful island,
was missed by his mother as she lived in america.
after being banished from the island,
and getting on her feet a year later,
she called for her son to be brought to her in the states.
her son was excited to leave his island to be with his mother.
he only knew of america from tv shows and a trip to disney world,
but she was able to convince him with the lure of a better life.
at the time,
he was in the middle of attending an all-boys primary school.
his little cousin was heartbroken that he was leaving him all alone.
they were attached at the hip and grew up like brothers.
he was sad to leave him,
but the little fox missed his mother.
when he left the beautiful island,
his life started here

Boston, Ma.

when i left barbados,
the first place i called home was in dorchester,
which was a city in boston.
it was where all the black folks lived and since it’s so small,
everyone knows everyone.
i hid boston because it was a place of abuse and trauma for me.
it was my personal “sansa stark/game of thrones” coming of age story.
i’m a fox of many lives.

New Yawk

as i go to therapy,
i’m starting to unpack and confront the things that hurt me.
boston was a place that destroyed me,
but new yawk was where i put myself back together.
there is a lot of hurts that reside there.
that is where my mother was laid to rest too.

i’m ready to open up the boston chapters to my foxhole.
i’ve fonted about that life without fonting about it directly.
that’s where my sister is currently.
boston is the final piece to the puzzle from the past of my freedom.
i’ve asked my friends if i should start fonting about boston.
they were excited that i’m at this point to even mention it.
i got the confirmation with this meme that so many people sent me today:


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i never thought id ever mention that forest since i started anonymous.
 jamari fox has come a long-ass way in his growth so it was time.

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  1. Aww. I love this. The fact that you’re able to be more open about that period means those wounds are healing. GROWTH (insert Kelli meme lol)

  2. I like that picture of you at the end with the fox mask. I’m just happy you’re at a place where you feel comfortable sharing and you feel comfortable sharing here. As I have said before: take all the time you need. We’ll be here.

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