How To Cook A Sausage In Wrestling Pants

wrestlermeatdon’t you like wrestler wolves in those tight stretch wrestling pants?
  lycra fabric been known show a slow cooking sausage.
well this faceless wrestler wolf for unc-pembroke wanted to show us just how he cooked his meat.
hope this video works…

my mind went all over the place.
it also made me kinda hungry.
i dunno about you.

lowkey: i hope his face isn’t a exploded land mine.
his hands and thighs damn near made me lose my mind.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How To Cook A Sausage In Wrestling Pants”

  1. A friend of my was a wrestler in H.S. who had the beautiful thick thighs! But anyway he was saying a lot of wrestlers get an erection and some would even cum without any warning, but hey this is why they called it a gay sport.

  2. So, if I was one of the people he was conversing with, I would just have to walk away… fast, because It would take all the angels in heaven to prevent me from asking if he needed some assistance with that. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have to ask, because my eyes would be nowhere near his face LOLOL! FaReal tho!

  3. Lawd have mercy my mouth is still watering…. OMG the thangs I would do to/with/on/under/below/around (and any other preposition I can think of) that thang!!!!!

  4. Ok J he is no longer faceless, check it out and tell me what you think (you know about my weakness for dudes with broad noses) #wipemethefuckdown #doisoundthirsty

      1. You were sharing him anyway. Who do you think you are? LOL. I’d love to give him some head tho, not even gonna front.

  5. Damn well who was doing the recording? You never know who’s watching. Not even gonna lie, his dick is impressive man. Very nice.

    1. Whoever was recording was right up next to him with those up close shots. Slightly creepy. Slightly intriguing.

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