how to access the foxhole patreon: a help guide

so as you know,
i’ve started a patreon for the foxhole.
i’m extremely grateful for everyone who has joined.
many people are confused about how the password system works.
there are some entries that require more pictures/information.
patreon isn’t set up like the foxhole in that regard.
it actually limits A LOT.
those entries are password-protected for the foxhole patreon to access.
i made a sheet for those who may be confused below the break…

i hope this was able to help.
if you need further help,
you may need to hit my dms or send me an email.

x click here to access the foxhole patreon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “how to access the foxhole patreon: a help guide”

  1. JAMARI BOO! it’s been a min since i slid thru the Foxhole streets 💕

    let me sign up for ya patreon for that exclusive ish 😎

  2. It’s manageable lol most ppl just keep all the good content on the Patreon but i like running back and forth lmao

  3. I must say this is an ingenious idea! Using Patreon to monetize your content, but still hosting the content itself on your own platform. That way, you retain all the things of the things. If Patreon decides they want to act up in the future, you can simply pack up and choose another method to monetize, while your content remains unscathed. Love that and I’m happy to support!

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