hitman holla thought his big penis would only stay on his ig close friends

Nudity, Sexual Situations, Adult Content

 that close friends on ig shit is gonna get folks in trouble and i’m here for it.
i like when people post shit to close friends,
but someone they “thought” they trusted screenshotted it for us to review.
i don’t know why people do it but i’m all for the naivety of it all.
a rapper named hitman holla and his girlfriend,
decided to share their sexual relations with his close ig friends for whatever reason.
this is what he had to font about it…

so for your anniversary,
with random vixens in your close friends,
decided to show them how ya’ll fuck??????


i did enjoy her boxing the big pipe around like muhammed ali.
it was floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee up inside her.
he likes fuckin her so thats a good sign.
i mean,

this is what he posted about their 5 year anniversary:

please keep any wolf with this kind of “out of control” out of my life.
even if he has a big dick and a good stroke similar to hitman holla.

lowkey: she has a beautiful ass and he has an ignorantly big dick.
a match made in heaven.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “hitman holla thought his big penis would only stay on his ig close friends”

  1. I don’t know what’s worse that they just did this for close friends, that they watched it, it wasn’t on onlyfans, or their “Friend,” posted it everywhere.

  2. Lord, today…

    My old-school ass ain’t NEVER gonna buss it open on IG, I don’t care if he did “bought some wing stop”. Heavens!

  3. I am definitely old school because I would never show or send a video of me and my significant other having sex to even one close frien,definitely not 30.I wonder if they have had sex with some of these close friends because why would she want these other women seeing his dick.
    Different strokes(no pun intended) for different folks,I guess.

  4. Hey it’s 2021, this ain’t “shocking” lol, he has a nice dick, I’ve never been attracted to him personally, but the piece is nice 😌

  5. Way over due! Just like Nick. Its almost an “it’s about time” thing if I ain’t have such a crush!! So Wildin’ Out crew is on deck it seems…who’s gonna be next gentlemen??

  6. No makes a video without the thought that it’ll be seen and you damn sure don’t send it via social media. Folks just be dying for attention lol

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