He Wants To Eat All Your Toppings And Act Like Nothing Ever Happened.

tumblr_lpo5nstnxs1qbpt0ro1_500_largewho wants sum tonight?
game 2 of heat vs pacers.
miami leading.
i know some of you are about to order a pizza.
nothing says a big game like a slice or two.
well be careful…
because your delivery guy maybe eating some of your toppings

Pizza delivery guy picks out the better parts from the pizza with his filthy hands. Yum-yum!
You could get herpes free of charge like that! What a deal!

i would whoop his ass.
that is absolutely disgusting.
got me having to count my toppings when i order…

tumblr_logq04bkPj1qm0xgqo1_500who wants buffalo wings instead?

buffalo-wild-wings-wingslowkey: when i ordered papa johns the other day,
the delivery wolf came with his girlfriend.
acting like i was doing him a favor getting my shit out that back seat.
i nearly popped all his tires for that attitude.
i didn’t tip his ass either.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “He Wants To Eat All Your Toppings And Act Like Nothing Ever Happened.”

  1. That delivery man knows better. Since toppings are already small, you know his fingers had to be touching the inside of his mouth when he was eating them, so as he was picking off the pizza he was leaving germs. Eww.

    I wish I could be down in Miami at the game sitting courtside supporting Paul lol. I would serve as his good luck charm. I have that effect on men. I would have him scoring 50 points, with 15 rebounds, and 10 assists lol.

      1. That’s my babe. That outfit is a no no tho. He can’t pull those looks off like D Wade and Westbrook. He looks cute when he dresses like he usually does.

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