have you ever had the luxury of meeting or f*cking the emotional terrorist?

You ever hung out with someone and had a legit good time?
you really fucked with their energy and they know how to had fun.

You ever messed with someone and they were really good in bed?
they were would go down as the best you ever had.

you start to lower you guard and let them in because it feels safe.


they vanish without a trace.

You send texts and no answer
You call and no pickup
You DM and it’s left on read
You send a carrier pigeon and it comes back with the note attached

you know they’re alive because they’re active on social media.
every post is them outside and having a good time.
they speaking to everyone but you.
it leaves you wondering wtf did you?
what did you do to be treated like that?
it leaves you wondering if you did or said something wrong.

I like to call those types of folks “Emotional Terrorists”.

they specialize in showing possibility in a potential dope friendship or relationship,
but just as you start to get close,
they end up ghosting and leaving you held hostage in emotional turmoil.
it’s an abusive tactic that some people use to keep you hooked on them.

you could have done something minor that you didn’t realize.
sometimes it’s nothing at all!
it’s fucked up and it’s highkey abusive.
normal and functioning humans don’t behave like this.
this type of shit is what hurt people do to others.

I wanted to be your friend or be in a relationship with you.
I enjoyed your company and thought you were dope af.
What an asshole I turned out to be!

we’ll never know why people do the things they do to hurt others.
they have deep rooted trauma and you might trigger it within them.
they got hurt by someone and have placed everyone as “the enemy“.
they just are out here to destroy as many spirits as possible in their reign of terror.

It ain’t you.

it has nothing to do with you.
you are enough and unforuantely,
you weren’t enough for them.

lowkey: being an emotional hostage is bad karma too.
everything they do will fail until they do right by me and you.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “have you ever had the luxury of meeting or f*cking the emotional terrorist?”

  1. In this lifestyle it feels like a lot of people are this. I really needed that to understand it isn’t me that messed up its them.

    1. ^ive met a lot of straights like this too.

      it’s like people are so heartless.
      i enjoyed them as people and they treated me like trash.
      it’s really gross.

      1. Same and at one point I really took that too heart cause I tried but gotta start feeling like its all them.

  2. i think gays REALLY need to read more into narcissism. like spread the news to all your gay black friends and make sure everyone can recognize it..FOR REALS….jada pinket smith has even done a couple of red table talks on this issue. Basically HURT ass people (usually molested, neglected as kids, gone thru something traumatic) they are emotionally arrested at the age they suffered abuse. they have no understanding of love and commitment. they are about their appearance and reputation above EVERYTHING else…and dont try to get revenge on these folks cause they will GO the fuck OFF! PLEASE PLEASE read more about it in the following link.. i think ALL gays need to know about this because so many of us have experienced traumatic events at an early age.


    WE ALSO must understand that perfectly sane people are just looking to toot it and boot it, lol. so don’t become too attached to anything, ever…especially over dick. if someone has good dick it’s usually for a reason….that they FUCKED a lot of people, lol. so you’re just another number.
    be safe yall..

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