grandy glaze and malik joseph do round 2 for onlyfans

oh grandy…
grandy glaze seems to be falling victim to his fat ass and growing fame.
he was the class clown type at one point.
he comes off as the type that can get pussy because he’s funny.
that being said…

He is starting to do too much now.

 he made his onlyfans debut with malik joseph a while back.
unless i missed it,
it vanished into thin air.
grandy posted this today…


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where was the first round?
tell me it wasn’t that clip of them lathering each other up in the shower.
did they do alla that for a video on youtube?


ima need them to release the first video before we talk about round 2.


lowkey: that gif reminds me of meeting up with wolves from sneaky link apps.
when he pulls up,
you’re happy with how he looks,
so you decide he can violate your pums after he gets a room.

good times.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “grandy glaze and malik joseph do round 2 for onlyfans”

  1. I ain’t hating but how the hell is Malik messy ass pulling these dudes? Trade love getting down with the messy ones I see… 🤔

  2. I used to loooove Grandy but he has gotten so annoying and if you want to be real his ass isn’t even phat it’s just wide & big!!

    1. SHIDDD that thing is PHAT, muscular, & jiggly all at the same time! His dick size might not be much BUT everything else(Personality, looks, body, tattoos, Etc) I’d be willing to change his life 🤣🤣‼️

  3. His insta stories have no beginning nor end. I find it hilarious because I just wonder how his life is. No hate, just getting things straight.

  4. Malik is so wack to me. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than watching him so to see this de hot guys go and fuck with him is such a major turn off. This deserves a whole lot of “bleh” right here.

  5. Man I can’t stand Malik messy ass, if Grandy gone be dipping in the male pond he needs to do it with ME!! At least I won’t tell nobody!! Let him and Malik have a fallout and Malik gone TELL IT ALL!! Just mark my words.

    1. The video that was sent in the DM I guess they took turns oiling up each other’s ass cheeks and jiggling them.

  6. These hoes needs jobs cause the onlyfans shit is tired. And Malik can’t fight so I was turned off after that.

    1. He did get his ass beat in the club, that was hilarious and they was swinging windmills

  7. Okay.. Malik Joseph.. I have grown to admire him. He is living a lot of Gay men’s fantasies out loud [ AT LEAST MINE ] ha ..ha ..ha .


    I didn’t fancy him much initially, however he is attractive and carries himself well . Obviously he’S dong something right to draw these guys into his lair!!!

  8. Malik actually makes me uncomfortable with the sloppy bod and make no sense tattoos. Idk what’s going on with these cute men, Tanks adorable and Malik seems a lil like a predator ;;;((((

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