Gospel Singer, Khare Hawkins, Rocks The Mic At “CumFest 2013”?

khare another gospel singer gets outed?
so there is a video with khare hawkins,
a gospel singer ive never heard of,
allegedly getting his blessings after rocking the mic.
what alleged blessings you ask?
the anointing of holy nut and testicles.
i prefer the blessings of 100s raining down on my naked cheeks,
but hey,
not everyone has my motivation.

so one of the f-bi sent me the video where they allege it’s him.
take a look.
btw this a NSFW,
and “NOT FOR STRAIGHT EYES” venture into the faith.
ok take a look…

so compare that and this:

Sv1U4ayT_large_2do we have a winner?
his twitter seems to have vanished into thin air.
that doesn’t help.
has ( x kevin terry ) started a new trend?
are gay sex videos the new wave for gospel acts to cum,
and i mean literally,
out the closet?
well lets hope so!
the bible thumpers need a wake up call.
can we get a hot pastor next?
one with a church whore-monger on his knees yellin out to jesus…
…but in the good way.

video found here: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Gospel Singer, Khare Hawkins, Rocks The Mic At “CumFest 2013”?”

  1. My thing is idc what you do in or out of your bedroom as we all have a right to privacy, but as someone in the public eye you have to be 10x as cautious about what you do as there are people that literally prey on digging into and exposing celebrities like it’s an addiction.

    I mean we all see how many blogs are out there that are soley based on baiting “straight” men to get nude pics so why would a famous person be any different.

    People need to tighten up and get smart. Sometimes a nutt is not worth it.

    1. Right. Niggas are allowing people they only have known for ten days record them, that shit is ridiculous. These people don’t give a fuck about you or your feelings, but dudes be thinking a man cares about them because they ask them to suck their dicks lol. Is sucking dick some sort of honor now? LOL

      1. @TheMan that is so true. Alot of niggas (mostly bottoms) think that a nigga fucking them raw or busting inside them means that he cares about him. smh. Get real.

    2. @LB4…In regards to the blogs that are based on outing straight men…what blogs are you referring to?! Please tell!

  2. It resembles him, same hairline and the same nose. Again, this is no surprise. I just can’t. Men who are gospel singers tend to be gay, and this is a fact that is undeniable. To be honest, half of the men in the church are gay, it is what it is.

    Look at how he is holding his lips in that last pic. You can look at him and tell he don’t like no pussy lol.

    1. I agree. Half of the people saying “this is a sin, that is a sin and your going to hell” be the people doing 10x worse if not more than what you doing. smh.

  3. “the bible thumpers need a wake up call.” I could not agree more. These holy and sanctified church people bashing the gays need to realize that we are in the congregation, the pulpit, and the choir stands. It’s always been that way. But what I don’t see is why these gospel singers keep putting themselves in this type of situation. Its almost like they want to be outed. I’d have to be like Mariah Carey

  4. I used to follow this dude when he was on IG as FLYYGUY or something like that. I do remember a few comments he posted that were against homosexuality. I guess thats to be expected from a closet church queen

  5. Just to clear the air regarding church and gays…we all know that a main piece of the theology is that everybody is messed up…and nobody’s perfect. I think most churches are getting better about acknowledging that all sin is sin. I can’t be mad if they calling what I do sin if according to the book they believe in…I’m sinning! Some churches even saying that attraction to same sex isn’t the sin…doing it is. And hell, if gay was OK with them…fornication and adultery ain’t…a lot of gays can’t handle being faithful to one person. I don’t understand the people mad at the church, like the church wrote the bible they believe in. And Christians are not the only Anti-Gay religion. And religion is not the only Anti-Gay movement. What happened to the day when we knew what ALTERNATIVE meant. It means different, alternative to the “normal” way. Just don’t go to church if you don’t believe what the bible say. Don’t try to change what is says about us! Coming up with all these silly new interpretations and “side-doors” to make a religion fit you. Isn’t it supposed to be the other day. IJS…

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