foXXX: “You Want Me To ___ In That _____? Huh?”

WHOWANTSSOMEyesterday was a quiet day so i thought id treat everyone to a snack before bed.
not for nothing,
but this foxxx “getting smashed by a pretty boy” did it for me tho.
well the lack of a condom was a turn off,
but if the fox and wolf want to be stupid then go right ahead.
the wolf’s voice and the growling tho>>>>
i lost it.
nothing better than some d/l pipe to get you right?
safe of course.
the following is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”

We haven’t got up in a long time so we decided to. That shit was so good and he so sexy i had to grab my cam to record parts if it. This is the beginning and end of the session i had to combine the videos. Hope you guys enjoy follow me on twitter @BtwImDondre

x click here to watch

he was beatin that up in that backseat dondre.

annafaris-carsex-oima need that video to be a lot longer than that,
but it got me off for what it was worth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “foXXX: “You Want Me To ___ In That _____? Huh?”

  1. What’s with the”not for straight eyes” Is that a warning or a threat? BTW I saw this video a couple a days ago when I typed “Ebony ,car” on Pornmd.A friend told me about almost getting caught having sex in a car by the police.I realized I have NEVER had sex in a car.Am I a Prude? 🙂

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