foXXX: You Ain’t Live Until You Smash A Jamaican.

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rudejam always got the best strokers in the game.
i’m sure that bed they fucking on is 20 years old.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “foXXX: You Ain’t Live Until You Smash A Jamaican.”

      1. I’ve noticed that. Most white girls don’t go for the light-skinned, nonthreatening black men. They get them a big, pitch black, Prince of Zamunda looking dude.

        …Wait is that why white women are super friendly with me? Lol this waitress at Hooters asked me to take her for a ride in my new car. She was bad too…

    1. Iont think it’s just Jamaicans – island dack will make you lose your mind. Lauryn Hill is a prime example, tho he’s Jamaican too lol

  1. Island Porn is the BEST porn…..esp if it’s gay! There was this one clip of these men wearing mask fucking the dog shit out of each other…BIG DICKS too…They need to come to the States…no keep it there..keep it authentic!

  2. I’ve been to a few freak parties and always seem to draw Jamaican men…West Indian men period but particularly them…I’ve smashed them many times! Nice, tight, Jamaican asses…love it lol! I was even in a relationship with one…but he didn’t know how to handle me 🙁

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