foXXX: “Yes Baby! Yes! I Lov-Uh-ike You!”

largea good wolf is always hard when found.
that doesn’t mean he will know your body,
what turns you on,
and what makes you moan like you have no common sense.
you know good sex when you find yourself about to scream “I LOVE YOU!”.
gotta catch yourself tho.
i saw this foxxx and i had to post it.
this is what a good smash with a fine wolf looks like.
of course this is nsfw,
and “not for the straight eyes”

x click here for some good sausage

that wolf is fine as hell.
he worked that hole out.
i came a couple times…
…and one more time before bed.

gif: industry kings

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “foXXX: “Yes Baby! Yes! I Lov-Uh-ike You!””


    I bet these dudes don’t even appreciate the good dickings they receive.Sigh.Just another day living life in the fast lane.

  2. I think I am going to start playing my hole to loosen it up a bit because I don’t say “Ouch, wait, wait, wait that hurt.” I wanna say ” Ay si papichulo fuck me harder.” while he is laying his sweaty body on top of me and biting my neck.

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