I always wondered what those “your POV” sex vid owners looked like.
If they would be hideous or fine as hell.
I like to see the action and stroke with the camera on a cabinet personally.
Well, one of my favorite Xtubers made his debut today…

I don’t know if you remember this foXXX called JUICY TEXAS BOOTY on Xtube:

Although I frown up and down on all that raw sex he likes to have,
it makes no sense how fine he is.
Even though it is kind of blurry, his face looks right and he has body.
I like that he is not a discriminatory Wolf either.
He smashes whoever is giving it up.
You have a fan in the Foxhole Mr. Easy!


That made me horny as shit.

I came… did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “foXXX: XTUBER NICE2EASY IS FINE!”

  1. I aint gonna lie, I felt bad that I don’t have a boyfriend who I can slob down with like that. Nice vid tho. That wolf is fine as hell. This is why I like fellow wolves, it’ something about them that drives me wild.

  2. WOW… I had a feeling he looked like that…. I totally think I have this intuition to tell how guys dicks look from looking at them…. its weird…

  3. This is a porn star’s amateur stuff. Seen him before at either dawgpound usa, thugbait, or taggaz or all three. He’s fucked Miller and Sarge, his name might be XL.

    Too bad he fucks raw on his down time.


  4. They both look good in that shower scene. All I’m saying is if you’re gonna do porn – get paid for it *shrug*

    1. The dog is the shower though?! kilt me…

      I’m thinking this wolf might have a little hybrid in him…or he just likes his azz ate…

      1. I was able to see it when I got home. That was funny seeing the dog in there. I like having my ass eaten, and I’m not a hybrid, so it is possible.

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