foXXX: Would You Ride This Mustang?

ridethismustangsince its hump day,
why not some hump day material?
it takes a couple things to get me off in a foxxx.
nice bodies.
nice pipes.
fat cheeks.
a+ stroke game.
facial expressions.
various positions.
sounds like past wolves ive messed with.
so i saw a video with this new p star named mustang.
his face is “eh”,
but his lips and body tho…….

786my favorite being his fat bumper.
pipe gets a good score too.
i hear he is a stripper so i see where he gets the moves from.
and of course this video is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”

x click here to take a ride on mustang

lowkey: honorable mentions going out to bamm bamm.

the body and stroke on that one is pretty solid.

gif found at: boipvssy

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “foXXX: Would You Ride This Mustang?”

  1. Jamari I’m suprised he hasn’t been posted on here before. His face is alright but his stroke….and the way he eats the cookies (he he) I bout clutched my pearls as I bust a good one

  2. That’s it, thanks Jamari for the recognition I knew I had seen his face before but could not put my face on it, now I know..he is my favorite stripper..OMG….oh yes yes yes ..honey forget the face, that body and dick can rake me to heaven any day. He is kind of cute BTW, not one for gorgeously cute.’.. give me passion anyway over cute.

  3. Holy shit thank you. My landlord forgot to put on the heater last night, so I was frozen to death. But watching that guy made me feel very warm.

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