foXXX: What A Good Stroke Be Lookin’ Like

who knew Bubble Poppa had pipe game like this?!
this is what I’m talking about.
that is the type of pipe to have you going koo koo for cocoa dicks.
a nice smooth stroke of various speed settings.
got you feeling like you are riding a roller coaster.

I was over at The Luckey Star spot,
cruising for a fix,
and came across this video….


i liked when he did that “shove it all in/quick hard thrust” move.
he gave that fox a proper fucking.

won’t lie,
came a couple times… did you?

lowkey: is he doing porn yet?
i feel like he should be.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “foXXX: What A Good Stroke Be Lookin’ Like”

    1. A bigger version is on his tumblr page (Jamari links to it up there); if you ask nicely maybe he’ll show you some personal copies…lol

      S/N: He’s a pretty nice dude in person – got a baby leg for a d1ck tho…no sir lol

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