You can already GUESS who is the star in this next  foXXX?

That Yung Wolf has the stroke of CHAMPIONS.
It was like he was dancing and deep sea dick diving in his shit.
Sign me right on up.
As usual, Dik Sukka handled the dick to mouth resuscitation well,
but Yung Wolf was blowin’ that back out.

Peep his story on how they met:

This yung kat got at me when I was in NOLA and was like he wanna cum thru to my hotel and lay some pipe…my hotel mate was out, so I told dude to cum thru…it was a raining hot nite n NOLA…actually the last nite of the jazz Festival, so horniness was in the air…so dude got dropped off by his peoples at the hotel, and when he was walking to my room, so a chick who saw him walking down to where I was standing, says to him that he’s cute and so is your friend (me), why don’t yall cum get it in…when dude told me what she said, I was jus like–if only she know who was about to get it in…but that whole thing was hot…that’s why I like going to NOLA…it’s like sex is in the air…that hot. steaming type of sex too…this dude sticks his fat dik in ma mouth, and then in my azz and fuks my bootie good and then I pull his nutt out on ma lipz..Enjoy!!!

You know how Dik Sukka loves his stories.


Did you hear the way he said, “I want to fukkk…”
in that NOLA southern drawl?

This has got to be my favorite on from the Diksukka series.

I came… did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “foXXX: THE YUNG WOLF; THE DIK SUKK

  1. I can’t see the video. Unlike you whores I’m poor and can’t afford to fix my comp…or I won’t take it in to be fixed cuzz it’s full of gay porn…whatever the case from what I remember about this dude from xtube…the guys faces are blurred or covered…yes? Call me weird but it takes more than a body to get me hard…I wanna see if you’re cute…if you’re ugly but sexy…whatever it may be…So yea…But mo pwer to the dik sukka tho…

  2. She better multi-task on that phone! I’ve never heard her have a back and forth with one of her clients. It was hott. Her videos have steadily been consistent and i know her fanbase is HUGE!

    Although i could never do it, I appreciate the work she does.

  3. The best cocksucker on the net. I seriously can’t get enough of this dudes videos, he pulls in the hottest dudes .

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