foXXX: The Wolf Who Is Really A “Foxx”.

Everyone meet Shawn Foxx:

His last name may be Foxx…
but trust and believe, he is all Wolf.
Shawn has only been in one other foXXX next to the one below,
but I am definitely looking forward to more of his work…

I love kissing and I love to see it in flicks.
This video turned me on something serious.


does Shawn Foxx have a Twitter?
I feel I need to follow him immediately.



 I came a couple times… did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “foXXX: The Wolf Who Is Really A “Foxx”.”

  1. Now that is a masculine fox; or at least he appears to be…you can never tell w/these porn stars

      1. It might work. His prices are low. For $100 he’ll slang dick all night….too bad I heard it don’t stay hard tho lol lol

    1. Everyone’s escorting these days and these dudes are just charging up to $150 too.

      There has to be a viable market for it the way these dudes are advertising sex online. I wonder who’s that desperate though?

  2. Brandon Chanel? As in House of …? As in ball butch queen — a la Jodie Blaze? Lawd & Jeebus…

      1. Do you see what im talking about? How these “wolves” are not wolvves at all and so why it looks “stupid” when someone falls for it over and over just because he has tats, and a body. I’ve known a couple people who give off that vibe . when i point it out then everyone gets a fit for busting their fantasy bubble

  3. I won’t judge him. I have heard he escorts, but I’ve never heard anything bad about him as a person as far as having a bad attitude or whatever.

    1. I honestly think you’ll find porn stars that escort the rule rather than the exception…*shrug*

      I don’t think it pays the bills like that…

  4. He is sexy and i would fuqk him if he came to my door stoop naked of course with no diseases

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