foXXX: The Spit Was All The Way Down His Jacket…

i want you guys to read the description first

20 Year old cutie. so much swagg. SHEESH! *Read Description*

Firstly, If any of you reading this have instagram.. follow me at ‘Doughboyalwaysmelo_89_’.. I follow back. And show love on there also lol. Secondly, I wanna call out that nigga ‘Supahead21′.. first of all.. you’re the last one to call anyone ugly with those nappy ass, DINGY dreds’ in your head.. them dirty ass triflin long finger nails and your wack ass videos’. You think I didn’t catch on to your skinny, feed the *****ren lookin ass, desparate to suck some dick, paying little dick niggas’ (Who can’t even get hard ctfu), speaking indirect about me on ‘Myvidster’ and on your nutt ass video descriptions’ on here? Well, guess what nigga? I DID !!!! You always going around on here, hating on niggas’ (Who have wayyyyyyy better videos’ than you will ever have.) I’m the type of nigga who gives props’ when props’ are due. And if I don’t like your vids.. I just keep it moving. I have no reason to hate on anyone on here. We all trying have fun and get a nutt. It’s always niggas’ like you who wanna test everybody, so now.. I’m about to go in on you and your azz videos’. No! I don’t have the best vids’ on here.. (Aralyia and Hoovermouth do) but allllll my videos’ crap all over yours’. Hell.. this video alone eats up your whole entire collection of videos’ (And this one is my worse, by far) !!!! I never hate on anyone on here. As a matter of fact.. I stay showing love to these niggas’ on xtube. Are you mad because you have to pay dirty looking niggas’ just to suck their dick? Are you upset because everyone stay telling you how bad of videos’ you got? If so.. don’t take that ish out on me. You and anyone else on this m*thaf**ker can call me fat.. black.. ugly.. whatever the case maybe, but I stay getting these niggas’. Check my f**kin’ inbox.. 2,000+ messages’ w/thug ass dudes’.. straight and gay trying hook up with me to see how this head game really is. I pull niggas’ that you wish you could pull. And unlike you.. I don’t have to go in my pockets’ or brav them with money just to suck their dick. Don’t get mad, bruh.. get dick !!!!! How da hell you gonna save my vids to your favorites than talk indirect ish about me. Your a perfect example of a f**king hater. GET IT TOGETHER !!!!!! And if any of his “Fans” or “Subscribers” is reading this.. Check your boy. I’m not the one with the problem.. He is. And P.S.. ‘Supahead’.. if you wanna challegence me in a suck-off.. holla at me. These vids are for fun.. you aint seen nothing when I’m behind the sences’. With that being said.. here’s another video to hold you guys over until my other videos’ are done being edited. I know I be having you guys waiting but like I said.. the wait is so worth it. You won’t be upset. I PROMISE !!! The boul in this video is the cutest nigga I have ever sucked in my life lol. Tall.. lite brownskin.. nice body.. these pretty ass green eyes’.. and to top it off.. A BIG BROWN DICK.. And he’s only 20.. SHEESH !!! LOL. Though he was the cutest.. I must say.. the angles’ in this video were kinda horrible. {I always call out the flaws in my videos’ before you guys do lol.} Had this nigga just chilled and let me do my thing.. this video would have been perfect but because he was a bit aggressive.. he was moving the phone all around, which kind of ruined the vibe for me and I know it will for a couple of you too, however.. there are nice moments in the video. I’m not gonna get into how I got up with him because the story is too long ctfu but anyway.. I hope you guys enjoy this until my others’ are done being finialized 🙂 Note: There was alot of spit and alot of pre-cum. I still think he nutted more than one time but hey lol. ENJOY !!!!!

two throat dumpsters arguing about who gives better head?
might i add free pipe polishing.
not even with your exclusive wolf.
with all this stupendous throat coating,
you would think you would turn that into a pay check.



he takes his throat seriously.
i wonder how that smelled when he walked home.

you wolf boys like?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “foXXX: The Spit Was All The Way Down His Jacket…

  1. Oh my…that description alone is just plain ratchett. These dudes really want to have a suck off…they might as well take a camera to the free clinic and just start polishing knobs off in there. What ever happened to self respect and fear of STD’s!

  2. Lawd, send a revival because we are living in the last days and the Apocalypse is upon us. Dick sucking whores are turning on each other, Im sure there is a verse in Revelations about this fuckery. Why must I cry!!!!!!

    1. S/N: I really really hate the ‘jerk while barely sucking’ method – especially if you claim you have great head game…no you have a good HAND game – big difference. #petpeeve

  3. Was this some sort of challenge? That shit was nasty as fuck. Spit and shit flying everywhere. The dude he was giving head to had spit and slopper all in his draws. Ewww. I don’t like sloppy ass head lol. I prefer a dude to put it on me nice and slow.

  4. The BLOOPERS’!!! PART ONE.. Dad walks in on me suckin thug..
    Ard you guys’.. I got ore than enough request to see sme bloopers’ from my videos’. This is part One of like five ctfu. This the boul from FB. You can see his face in this vid and believe it or not.. he is much cuter in person. If some of you are wondering what that scar is on his stomach, well from what he told me.. he got shot when he was 19. Anyway.. this was actually suppose to be thee original video but because my dad walks in on me gunning boul dick up.. I couldn’t use it. I mean.. everyone knows I’m gay (Includin’ my dad) but who wants to get caught by their parents giving a nigga some head? lol. Luckily my dad was tipsy because he walked in.. looked at us both for a split second (And boul pants were still down because we didn’t have enough time to pull his ish back up) and than he went right upstairs’. Anyway.. check it out.Laugh.. talk is.. do whatever. And y’all already know.. ONE negative hatin’ ass faggot leaving nasty remarks under my vids.. will get their nutt ass comment deleted and themselves BLOCKED !!! IDC what anyone have to say about it. I will block your asses in a heart beat and won’t think twice about it, so TRY ME !!!! My instagram is ‘Doughboyalwaysmelo_89_’.. follow me.. I FOLLOW BACK !!!!

    i can’t.

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