foXXX: The Pre-Baller Wolf Who Likes His Boys Heels Up High… Again

tumblr_m4fnowxd9g1qk0efvo1_500what happens when your butt cheeks are good the first time?

x see round 1

well you invite him over for round 2

SMASHEDHEELS…plus got the cakes eaten?
cum and get it all the time then…

x see the sequel

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “foXXX: The Pre-Baller Wolf Who Likes His Boys Heels Up High… Again”

  1. I know this may sound kind fucked up… but what is the appeal in fucking a “dude” with a wig and some heels on if it’s giving off the illusion of being with a female?

    Maybe i’m ignorant on this but i’ll just stick to the basics. I want a bio female and a bio male that dress and acts like a man and a woman that dresses like a woman.

    All this cross dressing stuff is confusing to me.

    1. same reason some people prefer feminine men climb their backs in timberlands..different strokes (no pun Int.) different folks

    2. I’m not even watching the video, but I still know exactly what you mean. Everyone is into different shit tho. I always tell people as long as no one bothers me and tries to make me do something I don’t want to do it’s all cool. I’m gonna lay back and do my own thing lol.

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