foXXX: The Model Wolf’s Sex Tape Has Finally Leaked!

MEAT: 234

funny how things work.
we were JUST talking about this…


he has a juicy ass.
where is the peen shot?
this was some hbo after dark shit.
i am LOL
at omarion’s song playing instead of his….

i am convinced he was smashing for real…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “foXXX: The Model Wolf’s Sex Tape Has Finally Leaked!”

  1. This still looks like a music video to me. And your right I’m looking for peen somewhere. Also this looks too edited to be a leaked sextape

  2. What in the blue hell was this fuckery, glad not a single paypal credit was given to watch this. I figured as much that it was gonna be like this. My only regret is that I think he looks better in pictures than he did in the video, he wasnt as cute as I thought, he photographs really well but in video not so much. I guess he can be on a episode of “When Bad Attention Whoring Happens to Good People. Here’s to another attention whore who will go down in the Dustbins of Tumblr, and Twitter History.

    1. He doesn’t look as good to me either. Remember, pictures can be air brushed to make the person appear more appealing. I think that’s what the case was. We can take pics on our smartphones and look exactly the same in person because it’s not airbrushed and shit lol

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