foXXX: The Fattest J Strokes Fat Cakes Have Ever Looked

j strokes isn’t the best pipe layer in the world of porn.
he does an okay job.
he can get you off, but not enough.
i noticed none of the vixen’s he fucks ever get wet.
maybe i need to see his new movies.
but this is the only reason i watch:

watching those double decker bunz contracting as he thrusts inside,
right next to justin slayers,
it always manages to turn me on.
but, this movie took the cake literally.
follow me…

dive in…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “foXXX: The Fattest J Strokes Fat Cakes Have Ever Looked”

  1. I heard he hates the attention he gets about his ass but he always manage to showcase it lowkey..he needs to do a couple of videos for men. No fucking, just a little ass play..jerk off session

    1. That would explain why it took so long to find videos of him hittin it from the back lol…eventually, you saw videos of him doin just that but the cameraman never stayed back there too long

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