foXXX: Str8 Wolves Do This?

What is this Wolf Hybrid’s angle?
I mean, he claims he is straight.
He went from underwear twerking…
…to full blown dick and ass showing.

Can you figure it out?
Because I simply can’t…


He has the best of both worlds.
A pretty cut penis and some of the roundest cheeks on a man.
But sadly, I cannot get over the fact he looks like he smells of Newports and week old gym socks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “foXXX: Str8 Wolves Do This?”

  1. Oh… him again…

    Well if he looks like he reeks of Newports and week old gym socks then he very well good be straight. Think about it.

    Apparently there are a lot of str8 guys shaking they ass for cash in The Great Recession.

    I submit to the court Exhibit A:

    He’s straight too and in the Army.

    If all you have is a phat ass and a phat dick then you don’t have that much to offer–fortunately or unfortunately, someone, somewhere out there is willing to pay for it.

    But whores like these kill me with their demands and so-called standards, bitch you’re a whore, you do what you’re told for cash.

    1. A whore gets paid. I rather be a whore then be a man slut. Man sluts work a 9-5 and get taxes taken out. Whores get ALL their money for doing little of nothing. Just my opinion..

    2. Oh, he’s straight? I saw that video & would’ve thought he was gay – or at least bi – from the way he was working that azz. His body is sick too. He can be str8…I could still hit

    3. i feel like i just saw child porn but i got turned by him. thank god for the new dont ask dont tell law

  2. Remember his face. You’ll probably see him in his first porn scene before year-end. Isn’t that what happens once your “amateur” vids go viral?

  3. Im so glad Jesus is a Rock in a Weary Land. Let the church say amen cause we living in the last days. I just want go back to when the boys were boys and the men were men. Those were the dayz!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I knew EXACTLY who you were talkin about before I even click the link. That’s Jerome and he is NOT straight but if he say so…

    He ain’t my type but he got some nice goodies!

    Str8 men are shaking their meat and cakes for money these days.

    Hell even I’m doing it… #yeaisaidit

  5. This n*gga here is about as str8 as a circle…

    How do you manage to look dirty even after taking a bath, #doe? Doesn’t matter, I’d still smash once – he even has some dack for y’all hybrids & foxes.

      1. It’s hard to explain, but he just looks kinda grimy to me…like he would smell of funk & Axe body spray. It also annoys me how it seems he’s shaved everywhere but his legs…those bee-dee-bees are not attractive.

  6. im sorry that is a vallient fox i just saw. dont no str8 dude know how to shake his ass as such i think its a tactick to keep all the thirsty jackles off his ass

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