foXXX: She Gets All The Boys…



do these young wolves know she is taping them?
are they paying her?
is she paying them?
i won’t lie and say i don’t get off to them fuckin’ her brains out.
she actually looks like a she.
many i have seen,
i’m left scared.

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17 thoughts on “foXXX: She Gets All The Boys…

  1. After watching the video and reading the comments I was looking just like Bey in that gif lol. I’m questioning what y’all consider to be sexy? The men in the video were not really sexy to me. We couldn’t see any of their faces. What if their faces were hella busted? I know the other day I made a comment about a body being able to make up for a face, but none of those men had banging bodies and we couldn’t see their faces, so no one can just go in on them and call them sexy Wolves. If you see close ups of them you may realize that you aren’t missing out on anything lol. I’m not angry about the ones fucking her because they just may like trannies. Believe it or not, but many masculine fine men like trannies. Some masculine gay men just can’t get down with other masc. men. They need that feminine dose in their lives. Now that’s not my taste but I’m just saying. Y’all get my point.

    When she pulls Trey Songz, The Game, or Mario then I would maybe feel some type of way like y’all, but until then I will be unmoved.

  2. A horny dude will fugg just about anything – especially if his boys don’t know (if he/she is a wildebeast). So I’m guessing that most of then don’t know they’re being filmed…except that dude with his face covered.

    Attractiveness matters less than easy access & keeping your mouth shut (at least it used to be). Y’all tryna to be wifed, these hoes are just a warm hole – big difference.

    1. why you can’t you just say ‘tranny’ or transwoman…or dare I say it refer to the individual as ‘she’ since that’s what she identify as? Is that SO hard. Would you want someone referring to you as a faggot?

      1. First of all slow your roll & get out of your feelings. I’m speaking in general – so faggot, tranny, hoe, bytch, IDGAF. Everybody falls under what I said. “He/she” means he OR she…if I was tryna be funny, I’d call her “shim.”

        So back up off me

      2. Actually, the words are ‘my bad’ — but you can’t be wrong, cuz you absolutely know what’s going on in my head…right? *side-eye*

    2. no I don’t think I know every thing Mr. YngBlkWolf..

      I can be man enough to apologize but with all the anti-trans comments, I am sure you can understand why I thought you were being vicious with the he/she comment…

      I am sorry….HAPPY?

      1. Oh, I understand where you might’ve gotten your hackles raised on my first comment, but I was offended when I told you what I meant & you dismissed it as lying. I can admit when I’m being an a-hole, but it’s all good. *pinches your cheeks* lol

  3. Why are gays so pressed about porn that features transgender women? We ‘pull’ FINE men in our porn/sex tapes and I am sure ‘ugly’ cyst women are able to do the same. Let’s face it, men would fuck a fire hydrant if it felt good.

    I don’t understand the hateful comments esp when I am sure ‘straight’ women say the same shit about us pulling ‘fine’ men (why are they even checking for gay porn?).

    I am sure you don’t understand what is to be transgender but not every trans woman is the same it bothers me when we disrespect these people but we are quick to get upset when mainstream say cruel things about us.

    I see the same hateful comments on Myvidster and it bothers the fuck out of me. I am not transgender or trans attracted but I do have love ones who are apart of that life and it’s an insult to them when I read comments like this.

    Whether she looks like a contestant on RDR or a linebacker in a wig, she is STILL a trans woman and its extremely disrespectful to call these women men when they don’t identify as such.

    This is why there is such a rift with the gender non-conforming community. We want to equal rights and to be ‘understood’ but we refuse to do the same for our transgender brothers and sisters..

    It’s disgusting and I just don’t understand it…

    What’s up with that?

  4. Im mad I’ve yet to pull of ONE sexy in shaped wolf and this ugly bitch has. WTF is the world coming to? Jamari, I have to go & rest. Im distraught

    1. YES! lol i was thinking the exact same thing!!!! please remove yourself from my brain at once!!! lol

  5. Jesus be a Gender test or at least a caseworker at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) this is just too much. Further proof that so called str8 boys will fuck anything, this beast claims she is 22- The Devil is a lie! I think she is a part of the Ugly Tranny Clique c/o Destiny Rushmore who all look like a cross between Rick Ross and Precious in Drag. The world may truly end on the 21st because Jesus aint pleased!!!

  6. shit im thinking they cant all be paid…..but some of them are i think but then again in this world you never know. the dude at 0:40 looked like he might be sexy but all these dudes very skinny

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