“Sex with an ex can be depressing. If it’s good you can’t get it anymore. If it’s bad you just had sex with an ex.” – Samantha Jones

You be the judge…


I came… did you?

15 thoughts on “foXXX: SEX WITH THE EX

  1. #whoisjamarifox :^ i would but 1) your body isn’t as cut up as that Wolfs and 2) you are a “15 minutes and fix me a sammich” kind of Wolf.

    Please, I’d have you fixing me breakfast, lunch, AND dinner…lol

      1. See what happens when I try to access from my phone! :-p

        Why don’t you do a re-creation for us (well, me)?

  2. SEXY SEXY the bottoms body..i would have a good time with that…but dont understand why if its an ex..and at one point the bottom was really loving the pipe..why didnt the top kiss his ex? and let him really get lost in how i was stroking him

  3. I hate all of you!!!! I can’t watch on my phone, but from the screen caps it looks like it’s pretty good. Faces are showing…I love amateur porn. And I crave amateur porn that shows faces. I completely understand wanting to remain anonymous, but just seeing the body doesn’t do it for me.

  4. I could never do it with an ex. I have to be rly emotionally invested for me to even have sex. although i did enjoy the vid… lol. but if he called me just for sex and dissed me after? im gonna lorena bobbit his ass…

  5. Very nice. They’re both pretty cute and had great bodies and complexions too. I still prefer amateur ones like this to ones done professionally. However, If i were in that situation that like 10 minutes of waiting for him to masterbae to completion would have BORED me to pieces. I’d have to whip out that “wrap it up!” box like Dave Chappelle.

    I know I’m alone on this but i was thinking “I wonder what happened to their relationship? Does he still sleep with his ex because he enjoys the fringe benefits without having to emotionally invest? What sort of message is this sending out?”

    1. right.
      lay there with my cheeks spread and him occasionally fingering me.
      i would have fell asleep.

      ive seen it with straights.
      the wolf gets horny and sends a text to his ex, “wassup”
      she doesn’t want to text back but she remembers the bomb sex they both had.
      they do some catching up and they meet up for an all inclusive fuck fest.
      they have an argument and that is the end of that… until the next time.

      sometimes, it’s “loneliness” “good sex” and “sex with the ex”.

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