foXXX: Ride That White Pony

I must say,
I enjoyed this flick…
Something about watching a Wolf thrust into whatever hole excites me…

In my hole is even better….


If you guys are good,
I’ll upload 2 more tonight…


I came… did you?

10 thoughts on “foXXX: Ride That White Pony

  1. If we’re good, huh? Alrighty then…*takes Jamari to corner & shows him just how ‘good’ I can be 😉

  2. 3 thumbs up… Random thought. Jamari, what ever happened to the erotic stories? I recalled two post a while back where you wrote some short stories about you and some dude, from prison, who broke out and had his way with you. Can we get a part 9, 10, and 11 please or another series?

    Thank you

  3. i know that snow fox is gona need a wheel chair for a min. a good scene but ever since a guy said he didnt like black guys having sex on pro white sites on sean cody ive been kinda iffy on them

  4. He tore white bread’s ass up! Not a sexy white dude though.
    I know he was seeing stars after that

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