foXXX: Mike Mann and His Banana VS Mysterio


he has released his first movie under papi thugz.
an f-bi just sent me the jaw droppin’ action.
someone actually stepped up to put that banana inside em.
i salute that fox from wayyyyyyy up here.
NSFW material below…




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “foXXX: Mike Mann and His Banana VS Mysterio”

      1. He was better as a model. This is not for him and I bet he is doing it for the money.

        Poor dude couldn’t make it as a model so now he fuckin for change….damn….

        I am going to find out how much he was paid for that gig tomorrow.

  1. Atleast he’s fucking. I couldn’t watch another video of him jacking. I think they need a bottom like Trapp to pull out of him

  2. That was painful to watch.

    Who the fuck closes their eyes the entire time during stimulated sex?

    I’ll tell you who Big Dick Willie is who!

    How can a man with a member that large be so incredibly boring–is he really straight? That sucked. Is he this wack with women? Is he asexual?
    It don’t even matter–stick to pics or use that degree, start a company, but stop fucking around with men.

    Only thing worse than some dead limp dick is some live WACK PASSIONLESS dick.


  3. So I couldn’t get into it, because all I kept thinking was where do I know this wack ass bottom from?….he’s one of servers/cashier at my local Boston Market lol.

  4. Eh his stroke made home lose like 3 points. What is it that the pretty cute dudes can’t fuck for shit???

  5. To me it’s obvious that he’s gay for pay. I like his jacking videos, he was much more “alive” in them. There’s one of him jackin with a mask on, and it’s hot af.

    He should just do more jerking videos, because fucking isn’t his thing. It’s like you can see the sadness :/

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