foXXX: J Strokes -VS- Ebony Chick


I came… did you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “foXXX: J Strokes -VS- Ebony Chick”

    1. No it wasn’t Jamari but as a precaution I’ve stayed clear from share so I’ll just have to miss that ass =-(

  1. Yall I’m currently without a comp because of a virus. Crashed my hard drive. I can’t take it in they’ll see all the gay…Scary thing is it wasn’t from a porn site. 1 of my online professors sent out instructions for the final paper. I couldn’t open the doc. Windows recommended searching for something online to open it. Gave me a list of programs. I chose 1 and boom…Pop ups, a Mcafee scan trynna run. It was crazy. Shut down my comp and now when I try to start it says windows didn’t start properly. Or some shit like that…Im so pissed…

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